Friday, May 6, 2016

FCBD 2016: Where To Go To Grab Those Free Comics!

Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is one of the best times of the year for a comic book fan!

On every 1st Saturday in May, local participating stores offer their members and the public copies of free comic books.

It is a fantastic and fun way for geeks to gather together and support their favourite book stores, by getting new readers to join them, or to buy one or more items from these shops.

Here's where you can get into the thick of the FCBD action tomorrow, 7 May 2016.

#1 - Diva's Hot Favourite -Neo Kinokuniya, Takashimaya
This is for the early birds who are also members of book store Kinokuniya. The line starts at 9 AM with the store handing out queue numbers due to the limited packs of comic books available. However, there's something special this year -- breakfast is provided, and for an added nom-noms, you can redeem discounted croissant or pain au chocolat plus coffee or tea at the Paul Takashimaya restaurant!

There are also going to be two panels - one with local writer Shaun Kang, who has published a comic called "Flesh & Steel" and artist Andie Tong, who is the illustrator for Disney's book series "The Zodiac Legacy".

Later in the afternoon at 4:30 PM, the wonderful 501st Legion SG will be making a store appearance too! A perfect time to catch stormtroopers, if you missed them during the May the 4th Celebration.

For more info, click this link!

#2 - The Geeks' Hot Spot - GnB Comics

GnB Comics is where the real comic book geeks will be hanging out. This will be the last FCBD for GnB at Rochor Centre, because the blocks of buildings are going to be torn down soon.

Come celebrate with the local community as we say goodbye to Rochor Centre, and continue to pledge our support to GnB in their future endeavours. They have not decided where their new home will be yet.

For this year's FCBD, GnB Comics have loads of Star Wars goodies to give away, like mousepads, folders, and prints. Red Dot Diva is eyeing that cute BB-8 tote bag!

A photo posted by Red Dot Diva (@reddotdiva) on

There are two lines for folks to queue in - one for the store's members (Private Sale line), and another for the general public. Both begin at 11 AM. It seems only the private sale people are allowed in the shop, and free comics offered outside. 

In any case, remember to head to GnB early, if you want to get comic books as well as Star Wars swag! The lines tend to wind down past the store toward the staircase, and it gets REALLY hot and humid there. Do bring a flask of water to help cool down.

#3 - Absolute Comics
This comic book store at #B1-7, Plaza Singapura will hand out free FCBD comics from 10 AM to 1 PM tomorrow.

They have not mentioned about any other special offers, but the lot of free comics for the occasion will be available to the public. Each person will only be able to grab 3 comics - until stocks last!

Don't just get the comics there though. The 10% storewide discount sale!

Check out this link for more info.

#4 - The Cathay
For the last few years, retail mall The Cathay has also been participating in FCBD and have featured guests doing meet and greets, like Ivan Reis.

This year, the free comic books are handed out at 4 PM together with event stickers. With the event stickers, one can participate in the mall's FCBD activities, like a green screen photo booth, caricatures, gaming stations and possibly more stuff, for FREE.

Some of the details are available on the quickie blog post here.

Only a few hours more till the crazy fun begins for FCBD, so Red Dot Diva hopes that you have got your strategy all down!

As for Red Dot Diva, she is going to get catch those important zzzz's so that she can have a super early start on the day.

See you all soon!


For the first-time, if you are curious as to what is FCBD all about, this was what Red Dot Diva did last year!

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