Thursday, November 26, 2015

#TBT: Diva's Biceps Hunt at AsiaPop Comic Con Manila 2015

It's Throwback Thursday! (yes, actually it's Friday here already on Red Dot Island but Red Dot Diva is allowing the slow-pokes to catch-up. :P)

To add on to the occasion, it is also Thanksgiving Day in the U.S.! *gobble gobble*

As the year is winding down to the last 5 weeks, Red Dot Diva looks back on one of her most epic biceps hunt of 2015.

The fabulous haul of biceps happened at Asia Pop Comic Con (APCC) Manila 2015 during a merry September weekend. The pop-culture convention held at the World Trade Centre was the first for the organizers Al Ahli Holding Group, and had a wide range of guests including comic creators, cosplayers, toy designers and celebrities.

With the help of fellow Glam Alliance Bloggers pal, Ed from toysetc as cameraman, the APCC Manila Biceps Hunt was ceremoniously captured on camera.

Here's the video snippet full of Bicepstuous People! :D

Plus here are a few more extras who did not make it into the video edit:

Torres-Ben biceps manwich!

No VFX necessary for these two!

Vigilante flexing

Now, that's a Vision!

Did you recognize any of them? Which is your favourite biceps flex-er?

There was supposed to be another Abu Dhabi edition of Asia Pop Comic Con held in early December, but the show has been postponed to the 4th quarter of 2016. Word is, there may seem to be another South Korean show in the making, set for early 2016. February, maybe?

Dear pop-culturey folks all over the world, this is a show brand to look out for. The organizing team runs a tight ship and the company certainly looks like they have the budget to put on a grand show.

If the date fits Red Dot Diva's schedule, she is intending to sign up for another APCC convention!

After all, the world could use with more Bicep-ting!


Special thanks to all the lovely guests, security dude Dan Gelasni and people on the showfloor who were so biceps-ready!

Oh, and everyone, do give Ed from toysetc some love for his wonderful camera and editing work!

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