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Gamestart Asia 2015: Things A Gaming Noob Can Enjoy at the Show

Some very exciting things are in store for those who are heading to Gamestart Asia 2015 two weekends from now!

This year's edition is a pumped-up version of last year's inaugural show, and will occupy double the space at Suntec Convention Centre, and held over 3 days (13 to 15 November 2015), including a business conference day for those who want to get to know more about the ins and outs of the gaming industry.

To build interest leading up to the convention, the organizer Eliphant Pte Ltd, has even joined hands with developer Seow ‘Sonic’ Zong Hui to build their very own game app. Have you all downloaded and played the Gamestart app already?

Naturally, local gamers are excited about attending the show so that they can get their hands dirty on the new and upcoming titles, as well as cheer for their favourites at the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals. But, what if you are gaming noob like Red Dot Diva?

If you are kinda tech-savvy, or generally interested in the visual arts form of story-telling, Red Dot Diva suggests a few interesting things that might capture your interest at Gamestart Asia 2015.


Look at this sleek, sexy thing! It's so sci-fi!

Dear geeks, this is the droolworthy Playstation VR.

The next buzz in the industry is Virtual Reality (VR) gaming, and Gamestart Asia is Playstation VR's first stop at a public event in South-East Asia.

To test this real-time, visual-auditory experience, Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch (SCES) will be building a double-story booth with four titles - "The Playroom VR", "The Deep", "The Kitchen" and "The London Heist Getaway".

Red Dot Diva is already itching to get her hands on trying at least one of these titles.


Star Wars fans are in for a treat at Gamestart Asia.

Want to fight for the rebellion as Princess Leia?  Or maybe you relish channelling the Dark Side of the Force as Emperor Palpatine.

Either way, head straight to the Sony Playstation exhibition booth to fight it out with Stormtroopers at the recently released Star Wars Battlefront game.

If there is a crowd of people lining up for Battlefront, make a quick dash to the Geekculture's booth where you will find the Star Wars Battle Pod arcade game! Thanks to the geek website's partnership with Disney and Bandai Namco Entertainment.

With its dome-shaped screen, fans can get the immersive experience of being a pilot of a snowspeeder or an X-Wing Figher, or the Millennium Falcon and battle their way on Hoth, Endor or the Death Star. There are five different iconic Star Wars environments where you can try using the Force, or use your instinct and jump into hyperspace. Definitely a must-try moment for any Star Wars fan!

Pew pew pew!!


Ahhh.... nostalgia! Not much of a fight or battle gamer, Red Dot Diva remembering spending a lot of coins on Rally-X, Space Invaders, Galaxian and Pac Man way back then when she was an awkward Diva-ling.

Providing a series of vintage games (include those of the arcade nature!) plus an exhibition of retro consoles and machines from the 1980's to the early 2000's, Gamestart's production partner No Average Joe is set to thrill the fans again this year with the classics at the Retro DNA section of the exhibition hall.

If she sees that there's a console for Dig Dug, she thinks she might cry.


Gamestart Asia is also a wonderful time to get familiar with the local gaming studios, like Witching Hour Studios, who have developed some notable titles like Ravenmark.

The studio is currently working on their next project, an RPG game called Masquerada: Songs and Shadows. There's already a buzz about Masquerada, which is set to be released in 2016. The game has already bagged notable voice actors like Jennifer Hale (Commander Shepard, Mass Effect), Matthew Mercer (Chrom, Fire Emblem: Awakening) and Dave Fennoy (Lee, The Walking Dead). So, if you want to one of those who get an early try-out, a demo will be available at Witching Hour Studios' booth.

At Gamestart Asia, there will also be a section called Founders Base, which is basically a gathering of indie gaming studios and gaming-related start-ups that include local outfits, like LambdaMu Games who is famous for titles like Pixel People, IMBA Interactive and mobile game company XII Braves.

Other independent companies from Barcelona (Herding Cats) and Hong Kong (Genuine Studio) will also be showing off their new wares there.


Who can resist a parade of yummy eye-candy? Three lovely cosplayer guests will be making their appearance at Gamestart Asia to meet their fans as well as judge the Game On! Cosplay Runway Showcase. They are:

- Karin/ Acanthastar Cosplay, who calls herself a nerd and recently made Tracer, a character from Blizzard's soon to be released shooter game, come to life. Gamestart Asia will be her first visit to South-East Asian as a convention guest.

- TUNA, one of the prominent cosplayers in South Korea, who is known for her portrayal of many game and anime characters like Ranko Kanzaki of Idol M@ster Cinderella, Ebizukawa Karumi from Gakkou Gurashi!, and those from Dynasty Warriors, Tekken and Sword Art Online.  

- Johnny (Junkers Cosplay Inc), a Navy veteran with the biceps and engineering chops to prove it. He has cosplayed for years and is known for his well-crafted weapons and armour, and great renditions of characters from the games League of Legends & Dynasty Warriors,Eren Jaeger (Attack on Titan), Star-Lord (Guardians of the Galaxy and many others.

Getting ready for a 2 week trip in Japan starting Friday! Trouble is that I'll be going to RTX (debuting Yang) and need...
Posted by Junkers Cosplay Inc. on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Being a biceps collector, you know what Red Dot Diva would be doing at Gamestart Asia!

If you are a cosplayer, even better still! Come to the convention dressed as a game, anime or manga character and you will only pay $5 for a day's entry ticket!


Being a geek doesn't mean you have to look shabby. 

In fact, Gamestart Asia is where you can do some shopping to update your wardrobe or gaming essentials.

There's GameStart official apparel partner, Xmashed Gear, who also designed resident gamer girl Alyse 2.0, and the convention's signature t-shirt. Here are some of their cool t-shirt designs!

To dress-up your feet, Freshly Pressed, will have a 17 designs of socks which include game-themed ones, as well as comic-book heroes inspired. Red Dot Diva knows there are some people who may be eyeing for the "Steve" (see below). Or maybe you can assert your gaming rage better with the "Bruce"?

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To jazz up your gaming PC console, check out the peripherals offered by Armaggeddon. They will be promoting their latest gear that include headsets, mouse and this gleaming, very colourful keyboard .... (Wow, bright lights... )

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Over at Founders' Base, there will an exhibitor called Aethercraft, who specializes in fantasy-inspired handcrafted jewelry. Definitely no need to be a hardcore gamer in order to appreciate pretty things like these!

Dragon's Breath -
Posted by AetherCraft on Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Everyone's favourite geeky toy store - Simply Toys - will also be exhibiting at Gamestart Asia. The retail store will be selling their usual favourites and exclusive items. There aren't any details what these are yet. Perhaps, they will announce it on their Facebook page soon.

So there you go! Even if one is not an active gamer, there are still many exciting events and booths within Gamestart Asia that a pop-culture-loving fan can enjoy. Besides, it's always fun to learn or experience something new!

Tickets to Gamestart Asia are still available on sale. Head on to this link to find out more details on how to nab your tickets now.

The lovely Gamestart masco Alyse 2.0 will be waiting for you!

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