Thursday, May 21, 2015

Meet Legendary Mecha Designer Kunio Okawara at "GUNDAM Docks in Singapore", 6 June 2015


Here are some exciting news for local fans of GUNDAM! As announced earlier, the epic "GUNDAM Docks in Singapore" exhibition is set to kick-off on 4 June 2015 at Takashimaya. The event will run more than 3 weeks till 28 June.

Here's a big tip! On May 30 and 31, lookout for a special surprise that weekend! A GUNDAM transporter is set to be out roaming on the local streets of Red Dot Island. More details about this will be coming soon.
As for 6 June (Saturday), this is an important date for hardcore GUNDAM lovers.

On this day, Japan's first mechanic designer, Kunio Okawara (大河原邦男) will be appearing on stage  at the exhibition's opening ceremony at Takashimaya. He will be sharing about his vast experience working for the franchise during the live talk show, as well as meeting GUNDAM fans! The time of the event is yet to be announced.

Kunio Okawara-sensei joined Tatsunoko Production in 1972 and was tasked to be in-charge of the enemy mecha of "Gatchaman". That imaginative design was a sensation, and he was awarded the title of being Japan's first "professional mechanic designer". Since then, his other notable mecha designs include “Yatterman”, “The Unchallengeable Dai-tarn 3” and the famous "Mobile Suit Gundam".

On 20 June, fans will also be able to meet the seiyus of the GUNDAM anime series - Kazuki Togashi (Voice Actress for Sekai Kamiki), Yuuma Uchida (Voice Actor for Yuuma Kousaka) and Yui Makino (Voice Actress for Fumina Hoshino). There will be a live talk show on stage with the seiyus followed by a rock concert by Japanese hybrid rock band, BACK-ON.

Fans would recognize BACK-ON for being the performing band for opening theme songs "Nibun no Ichi" and "wimp ft. Lil’ Fang (from FAKY)" to "Gundam Build Fighters".

In addition, for the toy collector and hobbyists, two of the limited edition items available at the merchandise booths have been announced so far. They are the



Prices of these items have yet to be announced. (But Red Dot Diva knows the fans are saving up for these, right?)

Check back again for more details on all the upcoming activities surrounding "GUNDAM Docks in Singapore". Better start marking your calendar now!

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