Monday, May 4, 2015

Local Star Wars Fans Swarm Suntec to Celebrate The Force!

Last weekend, Star Wars fans living in Red Dot Island celebrated May the 4th early at Suntec. The two-day event called "Celebrate The Force" was chock(hold)-ful of intergalactic activities like lightsaber fight performances, toy photographer workshops and various displays of art, toy collections and merchandise.

Red Dot Diva popped by the Suntec Atrium right after completing her FCBD run at GnB Comics on 2nd May. Judging by the constant flow of people at the venue, there are more Star Wars fans here on the island than one would expect. Pop-culture lovers, toy collectors, and several families with younglings milled around the area taking in the festivities.

To the right of the main stage was a long table full of personal collections of Star Wars toys, like these:

There was even Han Solo's blaster! *SQUEE*!! Pity Red Dot Diva could not hold it in her hands and stroke it ever-so-lovingly.

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A small collection of different lightsabers was also on display, including that of Luke Skywalker's and Darth Vader's.

On the other side was the arty section consisting of a toy photography and art exhibit, curated with highly creative pieces on display:

This particular Darth Vader piece actually consisted of several mini Stormtroopers!

Not too far away, was a custom booth where one create or buy specially-designed Darth Vader head busts for the event's chosen charity, Make-A-Wish Foundation.The best custom Darth Vader piece that Red Dot Diva saw gotta be the tribute to Grumpy Cat. But the rest were very cool too!

The Band of Doodlers not only drew some very interesting Star Wars drawings on the whiteboard, like this hilarious Jawa Java one:

... they also had also a host of art pieces for sale, with all proceeds going to charity.

While Red Dot Diva was exploring the area, members of the Singapore Garrison of the 501st Legion and Cathar Outpost (Rebel Legion Singapore) were there in their various gear. They are always hot fan favourites for selfies and photo ops. She also spotted many children having fun dressed up in Star Wars gear, including this very fierce mini Princess Leia....

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... and this group of rebels, for which an unlikely Stormtrooper seem to have taken a liking to.

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Meanwhile, on stage, Jedis from FightSaber were teaching younglings and padawans on how to yield a lightsaber and fight with a Sith. The number of small kids gripping their lightsabers with uber-determined looks and swishing their weapons around fending off the Dark Side was such an adorable sight!

But there was this little girl in pink who simply caught hold of Red Dot Diva's and her geek pals' hearts. She is destined to be a powerful Jedi Master. Just look at that face!

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By then, Red Dot Diva and friends have spent about an hour going through the event area. It has gotten pretty intense due to the never-ending stream of people which made the place very congested, so she decided to call it a day.

Still, it was a totally worthwhile experience to see so many Star Wars fans connecting with the Force last weekend, and Red Dot Diva hopes there will be an even more exciting celebration next year!

May the 4th Be With You!


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