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SDCC 2014: The WB Hosts Preview Night Again Plus Panels, Signings And A Saturday Party!

Fans of the WB and DC Comics take note. There are lots of the WB/ DC stuff for you to enjoy during the convention - starting from Preview Night!

As in the last few years, the WB will again be hosting Preview Night at Comic-Con 2014. This news brings Red Dot Diva much Happiness XP. 

The WB's TV shows usually includes many which are of particular interest to her, and she loves having advance sneak peaks at these brand new productions. Plus, there's just something special about sitting with eager anticipation in the darkened Ballroom 20 and live-tweeting her reactions to the TV series as they roll-out one by one on the giant screens.

Preview Night begins at 6 PM. Fans who are not hunting down exclusives on the showfloor and want to be in the first few rows should line up early to collect their Comic-Con badges so that once the convention centre doors open, they can hit that Ballroom 20 queue first!

This year's selected TV shows are:

The Flash (YAYY!)
This is one of the most anticipated spin-off from the immensely popular DC superhero series "Arrow", starring Grant Gustin as Barry Allen aka The Flash - the fastest man alive.

Several of Red Dot Diva's readers have picked "The Flash" as one of the few new shows they are eager to watch in the Fall. (Check out the article here!)

Some folks in the industry have already watched the pilot of "The Flash" and have many good things to say about it. (Check out Screenrant's article on the reactions.) Needless to say, Red Dot Diva can't wait to watch it for herself on Preview Night! :D

Constantine (Wicked!!)
Not surprisingly, RDD readers have also picked the TV adaptation of "Constantine" as another show to watch for. (Here's the Article on RDD Readers' Top Picks for 2014 Fall TV Shows.)

Despite news of TV-John Constantine being a non-smoker, and the rather hokey trailers, Red Dot Diva likes how Matt Ryan has portrayed the downtrodden, snarky and bitter antihero character. So she's very curious to see how the pilot episode turns out.

iZombie (... MmmfrYAYrrgfm...)
Yet another TV adaptation from comic books. This time, the characters are from the graphic novel series of the same name, originally published by the Vertigo imprint.

The series stars Rose McIver as Olivia 'Liv' Moore, a medical resident who, after turning into a zombie, had to start working for the coroner's office. Unfortunately, not only does she needs to consume brains - a zombie's food of choice - she also inherits the dead person's memories. With such knowledge in hand and to quieten down the voices in her head, she helps the medical examiner and law enforcement to solve crimes.

In the driver's seat for "iZombie" are Rob Thomas and Diane Guggiero-Wright, who are both well-known for their work in cult TV series "Veronica Mars". If fans have watched "Veronica Mars" before, they would know that the smart, sassy and engaging dialogue is one of the best things in that show. So, knowing that the two are contributing their brains to this project gives Red Dot Diva enough reason why she is really looking forward to the series.

Teen Titans Go! (Ya-Ya-Yayyyyy!!!)
Animated series "Teen Titans Go!" is not new to those who already love watching the adventures of Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven. There will be an advanced episode which will be screened. It should be another one of cartoony fun and mayhem.

Other than Preview Night, the WB has a host of activities in store during the convention that will please almost everyone!

Here are just some highlighted panels where one can check out their favourite celebrities of theWB's shows and movies:

- Ballroom 20, 10 AM - 11 AM - "The Big Bang Theory"
- Room 6BCF, 11:30 AM - 12 PM - "iZombie"
- Ballroom 20, 5:30 PM - 6:30PM - "Arrow"

- Hall H 10 AM - 12 PM - "Jupiter Ascending", "Mad Max: Fury Road", "The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies" (*cough*hopingforBenedictCumberbatchanyone*cough*)
- Room 6BCF, 5:15 PM - 6:15 PM - "Constantine"


- Ballroom 20, 10:00 AM - 11:00AM - "Supernatural"
- Room 6BCF, 11:45 AM - 12:45 AM - "Teen Titans Go!"

Click here for more WB-related panels!

RED DOT DIVA WARNING!! Those intending to get into Ballroom 20 and Hall H for these immensely popular panels, do prepare to camp overnight. The likelihood that you would not get into the venues if you don't is VERY HIGH.


And probably same for Ballroom most of the time! The rooms would most probably not be cleared between events, so fans who want to watch later panels might just hang onto their seats till the day wraps up.

Also in Hall H on Saturday night, is a fantastic 3-hour (8 PM to 10 PM) screening party called "A Night of DC Entertainment" hosted by WB TV.

There will be many cast members and producers of WB's popular shows making appearances on stage all throughout the night. So you can imagine what kind of night this would be!

The trick is still managing to get *into* Hall H for the event because many fans who are still energetic, or do not have other evening plans would most probably be staying on for this.

The other thing to note is this: Popular lead actor of "Arrow" Stephen Amell will be flexing his hosting chops for this event, so his fanbase is most definitely going to be right there, up front and centre!

The major highlights would be the world premiere pilot screening of highly-anticipated screening of the upcoming DC-comic based series - "Gotham" and "The Flash" plus exclusive sneak peeks of the upcoming season of "Arrow" and new supernatural-action series about anti-hero "Constantine".

Accompanying the TV panels are usually the autograph sessions of the respective cast and crew, which will happen either before or after the TV panels on the Exhibit Hall, and in the booth of the TV Channels which will be broadcasting them. For example, 20th Century Fox's booth will be hosting the signings for "Gotham" and those for "Arrow" would be held at the Warner Bros. booth.

For newbie SDCC-goers, Red Dot Diva warns that this may mean having sacrifice and prioritize if one really wants to hit a panel or aim for the signing session. Whether one manages to get into the autograph session or not is based on a early morning raffle draw. SDCC Unofficial Blog has the details here on what the process is like.

The WB has not released the autograph signings details yet but there should normally be quite a few. SDCC Unofficial Blog will also be keeping track of the celebrity signings and other autograph sessions available during that week. Do keep your eye on that list!

Being that this year is Batman's 75th Anniversary, there will be a separate slate of exciting Batman related activities at Comic-Con this year. There will be displays of Batman costumes and props at the DC booth, plus several related panels during the week. Plus all the goodness relating to the new series on NBC, "Gotham". More of what is in store is on DC's Batman 75th Anniversary site.


To get the official news on the WB TV's events at Comic-Con, follow them on Twitter at @warnerbrostv or visit their website You could also join in the conversation by using hashtag #WBSDCC.

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  1. I just wanted to say thank you. I found this really helpful and will help ease the indecisiveness that comes with choosing panels :)

    1. You're welcome! Red Dot Diva is glad it helps in some ways!