Monday, July 7, 2014

SDCC 2014: Daniel Radcliffe, Alejandra Aja and Joe Hill Will Be Showing Off their "HORNS"!

This piece of very interesting San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) news came trickling into Red Dot Diva's mailbox earlier this morning.

The movie "Horns" will be promoted at the convention!

The movie is adapted from Joe Hill's (yes, he's the son of horrormeister Stephen King!) 2010 dark-fantasy novel of the same name. The book and movie unravels the tale about a guy called Ig Perrish, who woke up with horns suddenly growing on his head and wielding unexpected powers after his girlfriend's mysterious rape and murder.

"Horns", which was directed by Alejandre Aja ("The Hills Have Eyes", "Piranha 3D") with screenplay by Keith Bunin, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last year. 

What's most intriguing about the film adaptation was finding out that Daniel Radcliffe is in the lead role as Ig Perrish. The young actor seems determined to head in a different and darker direction from his Harry Potter days! The movie also stars Juno Temple, James Remar and Heather Graham.

In a bid to build up more traction for the movie, "Horns"' North American distributors - Dimension Films and RADIUS-TWC - have decided to bring a piece of their supernatural fantasy-based movie to SDCC, where a large number of horror and genre fans would be gathering.

Daniel Radcliffe, director Alejanda Aja and writer Joe Hill are said to be at the convention to promote the movie, and available on Friday Jul 25. However, any other details - whether it is about panels or signings (if any) - are still pending.

Check out this clip of "Horns" from Screenrant!

Red Dot Diva's curiosity and interest in the novel and film project has definitely been piqued. She will be definitely be checking out the bookstore for Joe Hill's novel this week. It might be a good way to bury her nose in a diabolical tale during her 18-hour flight to Los Angeles en route to SDCC!

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  1. I like Joe Hill's books. Scary, but the ones I've read end on a more positive note than his dad's. Don't know Horns. I'll have to look for the movie. And maybe the book. Hmm, horny Radcliffe, eh? (I bet that joke has been waaaaay overdone!)