Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Singapore Philatelic Museum Goes Postal For Batman 75th Anniversary!

The Singapore Philatelic Museum puts the pop-culture cool back into snail mail stamps, as it kicked off celebrations for the 75th Anniversary of Batman earlier this month.

The theme of the birthday celebration for the Dark Knight was "The League Against Evil: A DC Comics Super Heroes Exhibition", and was organized in collaboration with Warner Brothers Consumer Products, DC Entertainment and Pacific Licensing Studio.

Having missed out on the launch of the exhibit on 5 June because it was RDD Diva-Mom's birthday (and Diva-Mom *always* takes precedence!), Red Dot Diva managed to carve up some time to take a peek of the exhibit at the museum yesterday. Her friend Vernon, who has never visited the museum before, came along with her.

Red Dot Diva heard that the exhibit was small, and true enough, there were only two rooms set aside for the exhibit. In fact, it was just one room for the exhibit proper, as the other at the end of the hall was an activity area for the kids that also had a section for visitors to take photos with people dressed in superhero costumes.

But despite of that, she noticed that the faces of visitors' (both big kids and small kids) inevitably light up with huge geeky grins when they see the various toy Batmobiles and DC figurines on display.

The exhibit also consisted of pages of original artwork by comic book artists like Ardian Syaf, Pipin Tobing and Tan Eng Huat.

Artwork by Tan Eng Huat

There was also the nostalgia, with a visual display of Batman logos through the ages, and a figurine that was a reminder of tubbier times - Batman in a retro Adam West-style costume. Most of the artwork, toys and memorabilia were on loan by local comic book store, GnB Comics.

What Red Dot Diva found impressive were the two limited edition life sized busts of Superman and Batman. They were beautiful (even if their biceps were missing)!

So sexyyyyyy

And even if they were made of mere cardboard and paper, Red Dot Diva couldn't help but admire the eternal bicepstousness of the two superheroes. *stroke stroke*

To commemorate the event, Singpost has launched a limited edition DC Comics Justice League & Batman 75th Anniversary MyStamp Collection. Samples of these were on display too, like this gorgeous one by Frank Miller.

The special stamp collections sold by Singpost are really beautifully packaged, and would fit right into a hardcore geek's or stamp lover's collection. (View photos of these and get them online here!)

These Superheroes Will Stamp Out Trouble!

Because the exhibit is not extensive, it will not take long for visitors to walk through the entire collection. Then again, a quick visit may be perfect for children (and adults) with short attention spans!

Oh, to add some fun while you are at the museum, do download the Augmented Reality smartphone app by RightHere Media. Red Dot Diva and Vernon sure amused themselves scanning the room and corridors for photo-bombing super-heroes, and they managed to find them all - Helloooo Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Green Lantern!

If you haven't wandered around the Singapore Philatelic Museum before, the rest of the other exhibits can be as interesting - depending on what the collections on display are about. Currently, there is one called "Seeing is Believing: Unusual Stamps Exhibition" which is located in a room on the 2nd level. It consisted of rather bizarre type of stamps like one sprinkled with volcanic ash, and one that was a "smell and taste" (umm... Red Dot Diva mutters no thanks!).

The "League Against Evil" exhibition runs till 31 August and is free for all citizens and Permanent Residents!
Click here for more details on the "The League Against Evil" exhibition

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