Thursday, June 12, 2014

STGCC 2014: Guest Announcements - Humberto Ramos and More Heading Our Way!

And there we have it!

Yesterday, the organizer of the Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention has officially announced the First Flush of Guests for this year!

As in previous editions of the "coolest" (or "hottest" - in Red Dot Diva's opinion - Biceps galore!!) pop-culture convention on the island, there will be guests coming from the East and from the West.

Who are they?
The guest announcement that is on every comic book fan's lips right now is comic book creator and artist Humberto Ramos! Humberto is set to add some spicy Mexican flavour to the convention this September with his manga art-style - a hot favourite with fans in Red Dot Island!.

Last year, fellow Cliffhanger founder, games developer and popular artist Joe Madureira, created quite a stir during the convention, with super-long autograph lines that never ended. Red Dot Diva is pretty sure that the same will be happening at Humberto Ramos' Walk of Fame signing sessions.

For those who are not familiar with Humberto Ramos, his name often comes up in relation to Spider-man. In fact, he is currently involved with the re-launched "Amazing Spider-man" series.

Humberto has also released a number of creator-owned works like "Kamikaze" and "Revelations". Even right now, he has an on-going Kickstarter project with Paul Jenkins for the "Fairy Quest" graphic novel.

On the quirkier side of things, Red Dot Diva is excited about another guest who has been announced - Alex Solis, creator of the Famous Chunkies! His creatively drawn images of roly-poly superheroes and other pop-culture icons, like Snow White and Care Bear, are a hoot!

Alex also does wonderful graphics with everyday objects, and it is no surprise that his colourful and eye-catching doodles make him one of the most popular artist on e-commerce website, Threadless.

Heading back to STGCC again this year is bicepstuous Simone Legno, creator of brand tokidoki. Quite the charmer and a familiar face to convention attendees, Simone confessed to Red Dot Diva the last time they met - "You know, the fans in Singapore, they hold a special place in my heart." Likewise, you are special to fans here too, Simone!

For the anime fans, it's party time at STGCC with three renown DJs from Japan holding down the stage on the first night of the convention. The 2-hour music showcase will have fans bopping to the Japanese music beats of Inu, D.watt and sasakure.UK!

Since a few months back, many fans have been hankering for more news on convention tickets. Well, good news! STGCC 2014 tickets are available on sale right now! Prices and other ticketing information have now been released on STGCC's revamped website. Check them out here:

Red Dot Diva also noticed clearer guidelines stated on the website concerning etiquette at the Walk of Fame. Of particular note, is the understanding that one should have a maximum of two items for signing with each guest at any one time, unless otherwise determined by STGCC crew. Red Dot Diva thinks this is fair and gives other fans in the line a chance to meet their favourite guests and get their stuff autographed too.

With all these STGCC exciting news released, are you Excites yet?? :D

Red Dot Diva is sure there are more exciting guest announcements on the horizon. So do keep some of the Squees for later!

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