Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Will You Join Forces With "The Amazing Spider-man 2" Cast For Earth Hour 2014, Singapore?

When news emerged last month that the cast from "The Amazing Spider-man 2" will be swinging into town for Earth Hour, one could almost hear a wave of excited gasps emanating from the lips of Red Dot Island geeks.

Together with director Marc Webb, three of the cast members - Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Jamie Foxxx - will be at the Float @ Marina Bay on March 29 as part of Earth Hour 2014, Singapore.

Earth Hour is an annual global event organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) dedicated to saving the environment. It is, in fact, the largest environmental awareness campaign of its kind. This year, with Spider-man being the first SuperHero ambassador, everyone is encouraged to "Use Your Power" and make positive changes to save the planet.

The festivities at the Float will begin at 5 PM, and there will be loads to see and do! There will be DJs, live bands and performances, a large Sustainable Dance Floor where you can schmoove and groove to keep the LED lights on and food & beverage booths.

The event is also part of the closing activities for the i-Light at Marina Bay 2014. i-Light, a sustainable light art festival, consists of several LED art installations, placed all around Marina Bay. Red Dot Diva has always enjoyed the innovative art pieces whenever the festival is on. Some of the displays are fun and interactive, where others are more introspective. Regardless the kind of message that these art installations convey, for a short while, they become pretty additions to the iconic bay area.

At before 8:30 PM, "The Amazing Spider-man 2" cast will help countdown the hour-long blackout at Marina Bay area.

In line with Earth Hour, there are also many initiatives, on the ground and online, for everyone to get involved. These include pledges, a crowdfunding campaign, and contests to participate in, like the Instagram Contest, where you can send a photo to show how you can help protect Mother Earth. And who knows! You may win the chance to meet one of the celebrity ambassadors! Click here for more details of the Instagram contest.

And if you really really want to meet the cast of "Spider-man" and are not the sort to take photos, perhaps you can try out the contest at Geek Culture!

Gather your energy-saving league and mark your calendars! March 29 could be the day when you Up Your Geek XP by joining forces with Spider-man in reducing Red Dot Island's carbon footprint on Planet Earth.

And that would be a darn cool way to spend a Saturday night!


For more information on Earth Hour 2014, Singapore, click to earthhour.wwf.sg


Check out how Spider-man swoops in to do good and battle villains in the movie trailer:

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  1. Wow! I eagerly await pics & interviews from you!!! Have fun!