Saturday, March 15, 2014

Savour 2014 - HBO Asia Throws A "Game of Thrones"-Styled Purple Wedding!

Savour 2014 was back in town recently at the Promontory - a very picturesque sport just a stone's throw away from the old Customs House tower facing Marina Bay Sands.

It was unfortunate that on the same week, not only had the event returned to Red Dot Island, so did the horrible haze caused by land clearing fires around Indonesia and Malaysia.

But haze or no haze, no respecting geek would turn down an invitation from the brilliant folks at HBO Asia. Especially when it's a "Game of Thrones"-styled *wedding* invitation - the kind that is fit for a king - even if he's a king you'd wish would be attacked by a million zombified scorpions. Yep, it's an invitation to celebrate the union of Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell.

With precious invitation in hand, Red Dot Diva took the opportunity to wear her favourite amethyst pendant to the party held at the Savour 2014's Premiere Lounge. That location turned out to be a secluded spot hidden away at the 2nd level of the makeshift gourmet hall with a gorgeous view of MBS and its surroundings.

When she entered into HBO Asia's lounge, she couldn't help but admire at how cozy they had decked out the place. There were the black sofas, movable seats, shiny cushions, a cool bar, a little verandah.... 

.... and the Purple Wedding feast table that took centrestage in the room - WOW! It was a beautiful layout with romantic red roses and candles ... and what a yummy spread to behold! Her pic of the table spread didn't turn out nicely, so here's a short taken by Nicholas Yong/ @incoherentboy!

There are 77 dishes at Joffrey's wedding as mentioned in George R. R. Martin's book, and there's no way anyone could replicate all these here in one night. So, kudos to Chef Emmanuel Stroobant for preparing those courses for the HBO Asia "Game of Thrones" party. They were creative and oh-so-sumptuous! Too bad, Chef Stroobant was not there to meet the guests (because he's actually really good-looking and bicepstuous).

As Red Dot Diva was taking photos of the food, Sarah of @sarahcoldheart peeked into the lounge and there was a round of warm "Heyyy you!!!". Red Dot Diva promptly pointed out a wooden platter to Sarah, "There's CHEESE!!!" (And if you want to know more about Sarah's love affair with cheese, do wander to her blog link here!)

Together with the lovely Zee of HBO Asia's PR team, Sarah and Red Dot Diva watched the loop of "Game of Thrones" Season 4 trailers and behind the scenes clips while talking about the series in general. Of course, Red Dot Diva had to affirm her lust (mmmmm...) for the curly-haired Jon Snow.

Awww.. look at dat face!
It was not long after that 1/2 Here Be Geeks @direcow and his wife @mochafrapppp arrived at the lounge area, and so did Nick (@incoherentboy) and Gillian (@gillianang) of Geek Crusade. This little group made up the geek huddle that night, as we ploughed through the Purple Wedding feast, tearing meat off the roasted pig, stabbing at some meat sausages, grabbing a few quails and quaffing glasses of wine, bottles of beer and other liquids.

The cheeses were delicious paired with the red meats, particularly the beef, which in turn was very rare but tastily succulent and tender. It was a little difficult to eat the roasted (buttered?) quail with modern utensils. Due to its size, one had to really dig in with your fingers to enjoy the juicy meat.

Then, there were also these very nicely done cupcakes! Guess which house cupcake did Red Dot Diva take home?

Red Dot Diva still had those free Savour dollars to spend, so with Sarah for company, the two ladies wandered downstairs to check out other dishes from the Savour gourmet food stalls. The area was smaller than last year's but had more amband much easier to go around. And after checking out the gourmet booths, both ladies decided to go with the Crispy Roll of Barramundi with Fresh Exotic Fruit by Chef Ezio Gritti of Solata Restaurant. It tasted almost like cod fish fingers but more delicate, and tangy when mixed with some of those fruit bits.

Back at the HBO's lounge, Karen from the PR team was now seated with the rest of the geek group, and there were more discussions about "Game of Thrones" and other HBO series, like "True Detective" (which Red Dot Diva has yet to start watching.). Karen also confirmed that there will be a new HBO Asia horror series in the works called "Grace" starring by Russell Wong.

Unfortunately, there is still no news about a proper Season 4 premiere with screening. There still needs to be the legal clearance with MDA, and if the first episode proves to be a problem, HBO Asia may take the premiere party out of Red Dot Island. That would really really suck!

That piece of news was kinda depressing, so Red Dot Diva thought she should soothe her soul by getting a chocolate fix. Sarah had tried this particular dessert earlier and Red Dot Diva was very curious how it would taste like. The dessert dish, by Ann Siang Hill restaurant Oxwell, was called Valrhona Chocolate Pot, Fresh Cream & Homemade Honeycomb.

Now, this was truly yummy. The chocolate was smooth and not too sweet. And for that touch of sweetness, a crunch of those honeycomb portions was all that was needed. Mmmmm....

It was getting a little late and the geek crowd was starting to disperse or head back home. Red Dot Diva headed to the Jason's Gourmet Market to see if she could spend the remaining $8. There wasn't really that many interesting stuff to buy, in her opinion. Then again, she's not that much of a serious foodie. She finally decided on a box of fresh plums for her Dad and a bag of chips for herself before she walked back to her bus-stop at Fullerton Hotel.

And on her solo walk back past Clifford Pier, she managed to catch part of the laser light show at Marina Bay Sands.

What a nice coda to a lovely evening.

Oh, and everyone received two boxes of HBO "Game of Thrones" tissues and a lanyard.

Somehow, Red Dot Diva wishes she had those tissues for the Red Wedding episode last season... but maybe (most probably?) there's use for those tissues in Season Four too!


Have you seen the latest Season 4 trailer of "Game of Thrones"

Here it is!!


Thank you HBO Asia (*waves to Karen and Zee*) for the invite and pleasant company that night. Hope to see you all again soon! :)

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