Thursday, November 28, 2013

So... What Films Are There at Screen Singapore 2013?

Screen Singapore is returning next week at the Sands Expo, Marina Bay Sands (3rd - 6th December) in Singapore, together with the Asia Television Forum (ATF) - a content marketplace for industry players to network and interact with each other.

During the event, there will be a series of forums and panels for industry professionals to participate in. The topics discussed during the conference will range from financing to marketing to content programming, with a total of about 69 speakers from various countries. A list of these speakers can be found here.

Local Red Dot Islanders who will be sharing their insights include Jack Neo and Anthony Chen - fresh from the Golden Horse wins that he got for his movie "Ilo Ilo". "Ilo Ilo" has won 20 international awards to-date, including Best Feature Film at the Golden Horse Awards and Camera d’Or award at the Cannes Film Festival.

So far, Red Dot Diva has been informed of two films premieres during ATF/ Screen Singapore 2013.

One of them is HK crime thriller movie "Firestorm" ("风暴") starring Andy Lau (劉德華)by Edko Films and Focus Films. The film also stars Gordon Lam (林家棟), Yao Chen (姚晨), Ray Lui (呂良偉), and Michael Wong (王敏德).

In the movie, Andy Lau stars as a senior police inspector Lui, who is determined to get the better of a crew of hardcore criminals led by big bad dude called Cho Nam (Hu Jun), and finds himself having to cross some personal moral boundaries in the process.

Red Dot Diva was unable to find a Mandarin-dubbed trailer here. So, please do relish the original and explosive Cantonese version here, with HK's Central District set as the warzone for the good and bad guys:

"Firestorm" 's world premiere will be held at RWS on 4th December, Wednesday evening. Red Dot Diva has yet to get dibs on who might be walking down the red carpet, but as in most world premieres, there is a strong bet that Andy Lau, the lead actor in the film, should be in attendance.

The other movie that is having a South-East Asian premiere is a Sino-French production named "The Nightingale" (Le promeneur d’oiseau). The movie debuts at MasterCard Theatres at MBS on 5th December, in conjunction with The 3rd Rendevouz with French Cinema. Philippe Muyl is the director of the film, which also stars Li Bao Tian (李保田), Li Xiao Ran (李小冉), Qin Hao (秦昊) and Yang Xin Yi (杨心仪).

"The Nightingale" is a kind of homecoming story shot in China. Zhigen decides to return to his village of Yangshuo from Beijing, and takes his granddaughter along with him. His journey back home was to honour a promise to his wife to bring back the bird which has kept him company during the 20 years he had been in Beijing.

The 3rd Rendevouz with French Cinema will offer screenings of 14 French contemporary movies from 5th to 8th December at various locations. For more information, check out the list of screenings here.

And for the first time, the ASEAN Film Festival will also be held in conjunction with ATF and Screen Singapore. The film festival will be offering FREE public screenings of ASEAN films at Filmgarde, Bugis+.  Award-winning local film "Ilo Ilo" kicks off the festival with a screening on 3rd December, followed by a string of ASEAN movies till 6th December. Tickets are available for booking now at!

Click this link to check out which are the other ASEAN movies will be screened!

For many years, international viewers (especially those in the Western world) have only associated Japanese, Bollywood, HK, China or South Korean-made movies as the faces for Asian films. It is only just recently that ASEAN-made movies have made their stamp with the world's audiences.

Thai Martial arts movie "Ong Bak" put the traditional form of muay Thai kickboxing style in the international arena back in 2003-2005. And not too long ago, Indonesian-made action movie "The Raid: Redemption" stirred up some excitement for action movie goers. This year, "Ilo Ilo" has probably put our tiny Red Dot Island in the radar on a global scale.

As a region, ASEAN consists of countries with unique histories and diverse cultures. Red Dot Diva knows that there are many stories to be told by creators from around here. Hopefully, with the upcoming ATF/ Screen Singapore/ ASEAN Film Festival confluence and as the internet continues to make the world a much "smaller" place, movies made here will one day be as accepted and recognizable as those made in Japan, China or India!

One can hope, right?

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