Sunday, November 17, 2013

SDCC 2013 Recap: Breakfast With The Walking Dead. Graaaiiinnnssssss! (Part 1)

Nothing beats encountering a starving zombie in a cramped elevator early in the morning.

But that was exactly what happened to Red Dot Diva on Day 2 of San Diego Comic-Con this summer.

The invite for "The Walking Dead" breakfast press event came as a surprise in Red Dot Diva's email inbox. How could she say no to it?? The event was way too special and too rare a chance to pass up. Especially for someone from the tiny Red Dot Island.

So on that Friday morning, she dragged herself out of bed and managed to find her way to Hotel Andaz at Gaslamp.

At first, she did not notice anything unusual when she stepped into the elevator - which was manned by a tall black guy in a natty suit. (Diva is sooooo not a morning person and was still sleepy, ok?) For a couple of seconds there, she wondered why handsome black dude was trying very hard to look serious and stop smiling.

It was then that she heard snuffly noises coming from a back corner of the elevator.

One big and bloodied growly zombie was leering at her rather hungrily. Like most people in this digital age, she promptly whipped out her smartphone to take a pic. Big Zombie must have been a camwhore in his time, for he made signals for Diva to come closer - which she did.

With his index finger, Big Zombie shakily pressed the "Back to Front" button on her iPhone camera, framed the lens optimally and then, had Diva snap the pic of them together. That was so surreal she nearly died laughing.

When she stepped out onto the rooftop venue, she noticed that instead of a red carpet placed around the entrance, the press breakfast was a Black Carpet event. Very Nice Touch there.

At one end of the venue, many of the invited press with film cameras were already positioning themselves for the best shots and angles. But since there was still time and the talent seemed to be late, Red Dot Diva ventured to the lookout and took in the lovely and unique view of Gaslamp.

There was another event promoted together with "The Walking Dead" that day. It was National Geographic's "Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey". But unfortunately, most of the press seemed to be more excited about getting infected by zombies. There was a press call for "Cosmos" first, and then a few moments later, the troop of actors and creative folks from the popular AMC series arrived.

Creator/ writer/ producer Robert Kirkman was first in line for the photo call, together with Executive Producer David Alpert.

Then, in consecutive order, Steve Yuen (one of Red Dot Diva's faves), faced the press cameras...

Followed by the very tall and very dashing David Morrissey

Beautiful Danai Gurira

Lauren Cohan looking so cute in her shorts

Friendly and smiley Chad L. Coleman

Cool cat Norman Reedus *swoon*

Andrew Lincoln - who was very handsome in person - with writer/ Executive Producer Gale Ann Hurd

And the super-nice Scott Wilson

When that was done, there was small break while a quick re-arrangement of press people and equipment for the press line took place.

Red Dot Diva knew that core TV or film press should be given priority, so she stood at the end of the line, hoping to snag a few taglines or video snippets on her digital camera for the blog. That's when she saw Steve Yuen standing quietly, right behind her.

She quickly took the chance to introduce herself to him before his minders decided to whisk him away. She told him where she was from, said that the series is super popular back home and that Glenn is one of her good friend's (Hello Sujana! ;) ) favourite characters.

Steve gave a small smile, and replied graciously with a "Thank you! It is nice to hear that." He was also really nice enough to agree taking a photo with her when he needn't have to.

That special Steve Yuen moment probably set off a string of more epicness as the press day ensued.

Curious about who else Red Dot Diva managed to speak to during Comic-Con's "The Walking Dead" press breakfast?

A Part 2 blog article coming up next!

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