Saturday, February 2, 2013

SDCC 2013: Countdown to Open Online Registration on February 16, 9am PST

This is it.

The most dramatic pre-comic convention event is coming in less than 14 days. On February 16th, 9 am PST, badges for the San Diego Comic-Con will go on sale!

Badges are only available during the day via an online registration site. The actual link of which, will be emailed to potential registrants at least 48 hours before.

Those who had passes for last year's convention were able to participate in the pre-registration in August 2012. A few of Red Dot Diva's friends were lucky to score badges for themselves then. As Comic-Con registration rules went, she was not able to get one at that time because she had a press pass last year.

There has been no further news about when returning press will be able to register for their passes, other than the opportunity being available in "Spring 2013". Red Dot Diva admits that the suspense is killing her. For one thing, there are international flights that has to be booked early! Argh!

As for the Professionals, registration was opened about a week ago, and Red Dot Diva noted that there were some horror stories about regular comic pros not being able to get a badge! What with the server meltdown and allocated badges snapped up within minutes, and many who were unable to get a complimentary guest badge like before. But it seemed that the server issues were later ironed out and Pro registration is still currently available on Comic-Con's website.

In anticipation of more hair-tearing moments on registration day for the general public, Red Dot Diva suggests that one starts working out those intense eye-and-hand coordination exercises and doing daily finger-aerobics, so that you'll be nimble enough to log into the portal quicker than Speedy can say Gonzales.

Also, do make sure that:
- you already have a Comic-Con Member ID before registration day. Registration for this ends on February 12th, so make sure you have one by then! (Click here to get a Comic-Con Member ID.)
- make sure you check all emails received from Comic-Con
- read all the important tips on this Comic-Con registration page!

Red Dot Diva is still holding out on getting a SDCC press pass this year, but she may attempt to get a regular pass too, just in case. She thinks that chances of her snagging one will be very low though.

And then, just when people have a chance to take a breather after registration day, it is time to gear up for another round of hotelapocalypse. The first round of lottery for those hotels at Mission Valley ended late January 2013. The booking lottery for hotels situated near the convention center and the Gaslamp District will be up in March 2013. Not surprisingly, Red Dot Diva's roomies are all already starting to bite their nails with the anticipation.

For a few years now, Comic-Con is becoming more and more of a media promotional event for pop-culture than a real comic convention. Its really convenient location just outside of Hollywood is probably one of the key reasons.

That doesn't make the convention one of the easiest to get to for the "common" convention-goers like Red Dot Diva and her friends, but no matter how loco the registration and booking processes get for Comic-Con, they still manage to get a lot out of the event.

To its credit, Comic-Con has become the best time and venue for Red Dot Diva and her online tribe to congregate from various parts of the world and re-connect in real life. And that in itself, is something Very Very Special.

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