Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Robert Knepper Makes You Want To Join The "Cult"

The CW's new series "Cult" is one unusual beast.

At last year's Comic-Con's Preview Night, Red Dot Diva caught the sneak peek of the opening episode of "Cult" and thought it was a little hard to follow. Especially since there were several intricate side plots going on in different dimensions - one in the real world, and another in a so-called meta-world or "reality show" world also called "Cult". (And if one counts our "real world", there are three worlds!) Confused, yet?

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The series is the brainchild of Rockne S. O'Bannon, who is known as the creator of "Farscape", one the more creative and quirkiest scifi series in recent times. And his excitement over the various plots and ideas in his head is evident in the premiere episode of "Cult", although when meshed together, the lines are all blurred (who knows? That may probably the point anyway) and seem quite unfocused.

But Red Dot Diva can't deny that "Cult" gives its audience a fair amount of the spooks and has a crazy enough concept. She just hopes that it knows where it is going. Or that it will slow down a notch and offer more chewable visual baits, so that the viewers can digest it more. If not, there could be a risk that their audience interest would fade quickly. A series like "Cult" depends on viewers who can get attached to the ride and the promise of a satisfying end game.

One main stronghold of the series has got to be Robert Knepper - a charismatic actor who is super-brilliant playing villains. And who also owns one of Red Dot Diva's most favourite pair of scintillatingly evil biceps. You would most probably remember him playing bad guys like "Prison Break"'s unforgettable T-Bag or Samuel Sullivan in the last season of "Heroes".

In "Cult" , Robert Knepper takes on the role of creepy, cult leader Billy Grimm. In his social network life, however, the actor was eagerly connecting to his fans on Twitter during the week running up to "Cult" TV premiere.

Following a tweet about a giant Billboard sign promoting "Cult" on Sunset Strip, Robert was all set to do a stunt climbing up that billboard if he had 1,000 dares from his Twitter followers.

 The dares were slow to come in at first....

With a #darebillygrim hash tag, things heated up on Valentine's Day, when 55% of dares was reached!

The next day, #darebillygrim arrived at the 72% mark. And pssst.... did you notice the Knepper RT there for a particular Diva's tweet??? *She Swoons* (Still swooning...)

Then the morning when "Cult" was to be aired on the CW, Robert felt that he will match the 1,000 dares with the stunt as promised.

And here are the photographic evidence!

Look at that happy face!

AWESOME fan love there, Robert!

You do make following "Cult" worth our while!


Trailer of "Cult"

"These things just snap right off."


Source of pics from Robert Knepper's Twitter

"Cult" website: http://www.cwtv.com/shows/cult/about

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  1. Ok I want to watch that now. Too bad it's just started and I can't have a marathon run on netflix.