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SDCC 2012: Are You Ready to PARTY?

After walking the cavernous San Diego Convention Centre halls for hours (actually running would be more like it), tired out SDCC attendees usually decide to either crash on their beds at the end of the day, or quickly freshen up and camp out for the next day's events.

But for some "energizer bunny" type people, there are parties and more parties to go to!

Here are some of the parties that will be happening at this year's Comic-Con:

1. 38th Annual Comic-Con Masquerade Ball
Sat, July 14, 8:30 PM
Ballroom 20, San Diego Convention Center

This is an annual event and a key segment of Comic-Con itself. It is a talent competition specially for the folks who have spent days and months labouring on their costumes and skits.

Complete with a master of ceremonies and panel of judges, cosplayers get the chance to parade their stuff and make a bid to win prizes in various categories, like the coveted Best In Show. There are several other categories include awards for best Star Wars costumes from Lucasfilm. DC Comics will also be giving away special DC Direct collectibles to those who dress up most awesomely as a DC character.

The competition is projected on big screens not only in Ballroom 20 but in other ballrooms as well, making the Comic-Con Masquerade a colourful and very entertaining show that wraps up with a post-Masquerade party at the Sails Pavilion.

What more fun geeky way to party than with a whole hoard of costumed people?

Check out more info on the Comic-Con Masquerade Ball at the SDCC website!

2. 6th Annual Zombie Walk & After-Party of the Undead
Fri, July 13, 5:30 PM?
Probably around Gaslamp District

If sexy, pretty people are not your thang, then perhaps, creatures with tattered clothing and rotting flesh might be your kind of scene.

Join the macabre and brain-hunger at this year's Zombie Walk: San Diego. It's open to all ages and best of all -- it's FREE!

All one needs to do is appear at the meeting point in zombie garb and get all ravenous for brains with the rest of the undead mob.

Details of the walking route, after party and other side-Zombie-walk related events have yet to be announced. So keep your thumbs on the Zombie Walk: San Diego website or Twitter feed for information. Or if like Red Dot Diva, you want to keep your brains, and are not too keen on looking slacked-mouth, grey and gooey, you should Like their Facebook page to make sure you have an escape route planned.

3. He-Man SDCC Power Party
Fri, July 13, 7:00 PM?
Hennessey's, 708 4th Avenue

Here's something for fans of Masters of the Universe! But you'd have to hurry. Half of the VIP tickets (USD 40 each) are already gone!

That doesn't mean that one can't still wander into Hennessey's main bar to join in the party. It's open to everyone. The VIP tickets basically offers access to the speakeasy, finger food and more free drinks.

Some creators from MOTU are also expected to party together with fans. And for music, get your He-Man/ She-Ra groove down with 80's cover band Past Action Heroes from 9pm onwards.

For more information, click here!

4. White Collar Fan Party
Fri, July 13, 8:00 PM
The Lime, 653 5th Avenue

Nope. This is not a Scam. There is indeed a White Collar Fan Party during Comic-Con! Peter Burke wouldn't lie about that! ;)

While the organizers think there will be a slim chance that any of the White Collar cast or crew will be at San Diego for the party (the series will still be in production then), Red Dot Diva thinks it will still worth hustling down to The Lime to hang out with fellow WC fans for some games and laughter.

The hosts Christine and Jolene have both been very friendly and lovely on the social networks, and Red Dot Diva believes they will do a fabulous job organizing this year's party.

At last year's WC gathering, there was a special official cocktail called "The Con" prepared for party goers. Feel free to tweet your cocktail idea/ name to the organizers for this year's shindig! Red Dot Diva thinks there should be one called "Mozzie" -- Something simple with a deceivingly late kick.

To help fund the party, fans can also purchase a White Collar rubber bracelet for about USD 2 (excluding shipping).

For more information, bookmark their website or follow them on Twitter!

5. Michael Ausiello's SDCC Party

Here's one special, possibly star-studded party that many fans are hoping to get into.

Michael Ausiello, founder and Editor-in-Chief of has recently confirmed that he will be having another SDCC party this year.

The party venue and other details are expected to be kinda secretive though. Red Dot Diva noted that one would have to be vigilant and keep checking Michael's Facebook page, Twitter or TVLine to get details about the party. Last year, the first 100 trigger-happy fans who responded to a certain email address were sent information on where and when the party was happening.

The people from the When Nerds Attack blog were there last year, and have some interesting information about how to score tickets to Ausiello's party. Check out their blog post on this!

6. SlamCon 2012

What is this SlamCon? you ask.

Well, last year, this impromptu party at the Hyatt ended up being one of the coolest, geek-happiest thing to happen during Comic-Con.

SlamCon, the brainchild of actors Todd Stashwick and Brea Grant, "Warehouse 13" writer Deric A. Hughes and comic artist Dennis Calero, was a defiant move against exclusivity in last year's Syfy party.

Sadly, Red Dot Diva was unable to be at SDCC last year, but some of her friends managed to hang out with a bunch of awesome folks at SlamCon. The walk-in guests included several creative writers from shows like "Eureka" and "Supernatural", actor Chad Michael Murray, and various comic writers and artists. From what she heard, the party was hopping by midnight!

Check out this blog to see what happened at SlamCon 2011!

Word is, the gracious gang of hosts are hoping to reprise the goodness of SlamCon this year. YAYY!!

Again, it will be impromptu and casually inclusive. There ain't no attendees list for this party. Just keep checking out the Twitter hashtag #slamcon during Comic-Con for the party details.

It's one super-cool bash that's Not.To.Be.Missed!

7. NerdHQ
CULY Warehouse

Considering how successful NerdHQ was at last year's SDCC, Red Dot Diva forsees that this offsite venue would be even more of a hot spot this year.

Actor Dominic Monaghan was DJ-ing at the Friday party last year, in the midst of the Kinect dancing and special drinks available. The party was open to all (with VIP room upstairs) and there was also a photo booth with lots of fun pics being taken by fans and celebs.

The folks at NerdHQ are currently busy working out their schedule, so there are no details and information on how the party will be hopping yet. But Red Dot Diva bets it will definitely be another happenin' place to let your inner-nerd loose during SDCC week.

Keep a lookout for NerdHQ news on the Nerd Machine website, Facebook and Twitter!

For sure, more parties and more details will be announced as SDCC creeps up closer. It'll soon be difficult to decide which ones you might end up going, but Red Dot Diva says you should go to at least one. It's a fantastic way to make new like-minded friends, and maybe get a chance to strike up a casual conversation with a celeb or two!

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