Friday, January 20, 2012

SDCC 2012: Got Your Member ID Yet?

6 more months to SDCC 2012!

Those who have pre-registered at last year's SDCC should have already received their barcoded electronic ticket. They are basically just set to get their butts to San Diego during Comic-Con week!

For those who want to purchase a SDCC pass when tickets are available online later, the Special Red Dot Diva Reminder Service highlights that they will need to secure a Member ID first.

This new procedure also applied to those who have attended SDCC previously as press, professionals or trade professionals.

So it's crucial that you head to this page for your Member ID if you intend to be at SDCC this year. You'll have to get the ID before February 28!

A few hours ago, SDCC's organizer announced the first batch of 30 guests for the event! These include comics stalwarts like Mark Evanier, Sergio Aragon├ęs, Paul Levitz and Jim Lee. With much amusement, Red Dot Diva noted that Comic-Con is one of the few websites that has finally updated Paul Levitz's profile pic to a more recent one where he's spotting a clean-shaven mug. Folks -- Just Say No to the Levitz Moustache!

Other than the comics people, the Nerd Machine - the geek-centric setup by "Chuck" star Zachary Levi and his good friends - recently hinted that SDCC 2012 planning has already begun! Red Dot Diva is Very Excites to find out what kind of wild Nerdolution will happen at SDCC this year!

Red Dot Diva has already got her SDCC badge, so she is now waiting with bated breath together with convention roomies as to where they will end up staying for that week. There's no news announced yet about SDCC hotel registration.

She will probably also have to start scouting for air-tickets within the next couple of months too. As she found out the last time, international flights to California are super-popular during the summer! And she's hoping again to travel via "the great way to fly".

Just in case, one is a hardcore comics fan and is unable to secure a badge to SDCC this year, Red Dot Diva strongly suggests the alternative - New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2012. NYCC is held at the Javits Convention Centre from October 11 to 14 this year.

NYCC is less hectic and definitely more comics-focused compared to what SDCC has been evolving to in the last few years. The Artists Alley at NYCC is much more spacious than SDCC's and there is more time to be able to try catching one pop-culture favourites at the East Coast event.

The 4-day passes for NYCC (this includes a special preview day on Thursday, October 11) are now on sale online for USD85! Click here to get your tickets.

Word is, the 3-day passes will be made available during Spring, and the Single Day passes sometime later in the Summer.

The tickets for last year's NYCC did sellout, so if one really wants to head to a fun-filled comics-related time in New York, it's better to grab a pass quickly!

Don't say the Red Dot Diva didn't warn ya!

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