Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Comic Store Opening - Join An Invasion!

Here's a good way to get one's geek groove going for 2012!

A new local comics setup called Invasion! Toys & Collectibles will be having its official launch this Friday and Saturday (6th and 7th January)!

The details are:
Fri 6 Jan from 6pm - 9pm
Sat 7 Jan from 11am - 9pm
Venue: 109 North Bridge Road #05-36, Funan DigitaLife Mall

The store is headed by Da Boss Alwyn Liang and David from Ebony N Ivory Toys LLP. Alwyn is becoming a familiar face at some local comics-related events, having organized quite a few art shows and artists appearances that include talents like Harvey Tolibao, Wendy Chew (aka Mashi), Mico Suayan and Sonny Liew. He was also one of the organizers who brought popular cosplay-photographer Jay Tablante in December 2011 for a special workshop and 1-day event at *SCAPE.

David is one-half of the team from retail store Ebony N Ivory Toys LLP and is an avid collector of pop-culture collectibles. Invasion! Toys & Collectibles will be a unit of Ebony N Ivory Toys LLP.

The store aims to bring in more "Western-pop-culture" geek events with a heavier slant towards artistic elements. But that's not saying that the store will not be also indulging in Asian-style art forms and popular culture!

By aiming to bring more graphic artists and illustrators - both local and foreign - to the store, Invasion! Toys & Collectibles hopes that local pop-culture fans will have better opportunities to meet their idols and favourites in person.

To help kick-off the launch party, a few guest comics artists will be making an appearance this weekend! They include guest of honour Stephen Segovia, local artist Sonny Liew and one of Red Dot Diva's personal favourites, Rudy Ao.

Stephen Segovia, who is based in the Philippines, started doing professional art work at a very young age. His artistic resume ranged from working with Nautilus Comics ("Cast") in the Philippines, to Top Cow ("Tokyo Nights"), and DC ("Countdown To Mystery") and also, with Marvel for a slew of comics like "Wolverine Origins", "Mighty Avengers" and "Dark Wolverine".

A special exclusive Supergirl 16.5 x 11.7" art print (see image on left), so beautifully drawn by Stephen, will be available at the shop launch this weekend!

Locally-based artist and Eisner-Award nominee Sonny Liew, who has a unique art-style of his own, will bring his creativity and smiley presence to Invasion!'s store opening as well. Have you seen Sonny's colourful and wistful take on the elephant artwork for the Singapore Elephant Parade?? His statue, called "Elephant Memory Man", can still be viewed at Vivocity! Red Dot Diva urges fans to go take a look at the specially drawn elephant figure and give it a pat. (Check out the interview with Sonny Liew about "Elephant Memory Man" here!)

Hailing from Indonesia, artist Rudy Ao has decided to call Red Dot Island his home in recent years. His eye for interesting composition that consists of touches of male testosteronal ferociousness and his speedy work with digital software is something to marvel at. Red Dot Diva highly appreciates that Rudy has a specialty for drawing faces and body musculature - something she has no reason to complain about - since there are all these lovely artistic biceps she could ogle at. One just needs to check out his deviantart page to know what she means!

And yes, there will also be exclusive art prints available from Sonny Liew and Rudy Ao this weekend at the event. Go take a look at the sample images posted at Invasion! Comics & Collectibles Facebook page.

All three artists will be available and taking limited art commission requests right now. These will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis. If one is interested to get an art piece from them, do email Alywn at now!!

In addition to art and comics, the Invasions! store will also have a section showcasing rare and vintage toys, figurines and collectibles for avid collectors to admire.

True to her nosy nature, Red Dot Diva will be at the launch this Saturday afternoon/ evening to check out the new store, lend her friendly support and also, to primarily check out some actual biceps. Especially Stephen's. He's been duly warned, and he has promised to p(l)ump them up to a nice kind of firmness. ;)

So, come on down to Funan DigitaLife Mall this weekend, meet and hang out with the guest artists, and perhaps, even get to know more local geeks who may love the same kind of things you do!


To keep up with the store's news, check out Invasion! Toys & Collectibles online!

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