Thursday, December 8, 2011

SDCC 2012: Barcoded and Ticketed.... and other convention news

Nothing would make a geek girl's weary workday instantaneously brighter other than an email that begins with, "Dear Comic-Con Attendee, Your Comic-Con 2012 registration is complete!"

It sure made Red Dot Diva go W00t-Woot when she saw those sentences in her inbox this morning.

With that precious online 4-day ticket (with preview day), she's all nicely barcoded for entry to Comic-Con 2012 at San Diego on 11-15 July next year!!

What's left about SDCC 2012 is the major question about accommodation, as most hotels in San Diego say that they are "on hold" during SDCC week.

The hotels seem to be channeled into Comic Con's registration system. And based on past experiences, the online hotel booking system run by Comic Con hasn't been the most well-organized. When email confirmations for the hotel bookings were sent out, some people who made bookings earlier in the queue did not get their hotels of their choice compared to those who booked later!

She really hopes that together with her regular con roomie @eserei27, they will be able to book a hotel near the convention centre. Both of them like having a resting place nearby so that they can leave bags of freebies and goodies behind, have a shower, or take a sanity-break, in between all that crazy crowds and active fan-girling. Maybe apartment / condo rentals instead? Hmmm...

Other than that, Red Dot Diva is praying that an iffy job situation will not hamper her travel plans. She really needs a California and Comic Con fix in 2012!

This time, she will also be attempting to get a press pass at SDCC. Based on the website, press registration opens on April 2. She is marking that date down on the calendar with a big red X.

If one cannot wait for SDCC or have other more "important" plans during that time (what can these possibly be??!), Red Dot Diva says that there is always Wondercon on 16-18 March 2012!

The same SDCC organizers are responsible for the running of Wondercon 2012 and for next year, it is held at Anaheim Convention Centre, instead of San Francisco.

Online advance registration for Wondercon 2012 opens today, with a 3-day badge costing USD 40.00. Click here to register!

Some special guests have already been announced by Wondercon - a list that includes fan favourites like Jim Lee, Mike Mignola, Matt Fraction and Steve Niles. And with a venue this close to Disneyland, Wondercon might be quite a fun convention option for those who prefer a smaller cozier event.

Swooshing back to our tiny Red Dot Island, important news have also been recently announced about next year's Singapore Toy Games and Comic Convention (STGCC)!

For next year, Reed Exhibitions has decided to take a calculated gamble and hold STGCC at the fancy Marina Bay Sands (MBS) on 1-2 September 2012.

Compared to the more humble Suntec Convention Centre, having STGCC 2012 at MBS certainly ups the ante on the swank factor. The announcement has raised questions on whether ticket or booth prices will be increased yet again for another consecutive year.

A valid concern, Red Dot Diva agrees. Although, it remains to be seen if the profile and number of guests as well as quality of convention events would justify any possible price increases.

The sudden change of location to cushy MBS, with its grand bayside view and red carpet possibilities, also caused some to wonder if any famous people or celebs might actually be invited for the convention next year.

And for a sector of local fans, it is not so much a question about ticket prices but whether more of their Western pop-culture and comic book heroes, whom they have dreamed of meeting for years, will be guests at STGCC 2012.

While exhibitors and fans continue to speculate and rant, Red Dot Diva thinks it will be intriguing to watch more STGCC news unfold in the coming months. Rest be assured that one will get the info right here whenever  Red Dot Diva manages to nose out the scoop!

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