Thursday, December 1, 2011

Geekology 101 - A Cosplay Photo Event One Can *Scape To

So what if it rains like giant poodles and tom-cats during the monsoon season?

There are still a number of fun indoor events one can go to, and there's one coming up this Saturday -- right in the heart of Orchard Road!

Red Dot Diva strongly recommends those with a thing for cosplay or model photography (or both!) to sashay their way to Grid MMS, 4th level of  *Scape, for Geekology 101!!

Geekology 101 will be a one-day only event, featuring the work of one dude who is the drooling-envy of most geeks. See, he basically gets paid to work with beautiful ladies almost all the time!

At Geekology 101, internationally acclaimed Filipino photographer Jay Tablante, who is also a self-confessed geek, will be showing off his cosplay photography in a special exhibition. His works include those modelled by gorgeous and well-known cosplay celebrities like Jinri Park, Yayahan, Alodia & Ashley Gosiengfiao. Get ready to ogle at photos of the various models dressed up as Marvel and anime/ manga characters, posed against fabulous setups!

Jay will also be holding a workshop and shooting seminar for cosplay lovers and photographers. Both sessions will last 2 hours with Jay going through effective cosplay styling, photography techniques and how to create dynamic and realistic shots with the cosplay models.

And here's something-something Extra for the geek guys (and quite a few ladies too)! Alodia Gosiengfiao will also be at Geekology 101 as a special guest-of-honour! Red Dot Diva thinks that if *Scape turns out to be a wet event, it just might be due to a massive drool-flood. She hopes the organizers have the foresight to prepare drool buckets (or gigantic super-absorbent mops).

Talking about organizers, this unique event is jointly put together by pop-culture blog The Neo Tokyo Project, EightBit Media (hello, Da Boss!) and sponsored by Canon, Grid MMS and Camwerkz!

A brief rundown of events are as follows:

10 am - Exhibition opens
1 pm - Seminar begins
5 pm - Live Shooting demonstration begins
9 pm - Close of event 

There seems to be enough time in between to mingle with Jay Tablante and Alodia Gosiengfiao, as well as network with fellow bloggers, photographers, cosplayers and geeks.

In addition, Red Dot Diva also learnt that local cosplayers will be attending the event as well. Which then makes her wonder if Jay would get spontaneously creative this Saturday and select one or two of them for his live photography session?

That would be absolutely pretty interesting to watch!


Take more peeks into Jay Tablante's photography at his website, and go Like his Facebook page!

And for a look at what went behind the scene with Jay, cosplay models and Marvel characters, click to this page!

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