Wednesday, January 26, 2011

C2E2 2011 - More Geekery in Chicago

For those in the Midwest, C2E2 2011 will be back in Chicago with more geeky shennanigans on the weekend of March 18-20!

With a sub-theme of pop-culture + food, one of the highlights in this year's C2E2 is a special fine-dining date with some fantastic Marvel folks at Topolobampo, owned by Top Chef Master Rick Bayless. The Marvel guests are C.B. Cebulski (VP/ talent scout/ writer/ intrepid foodie), Brian Michael Bendis (comic creator) and Joe Quesada (Chief Creative Officer).

Click here for the details! Tickets at USD 500 each will go on sale on January 27. Only 8 lucky fans will get to enjoy this special opportunity.

Red Dot Diva is already salivating at the thought of yummy nom noms, and she is sure that these guys make fabulous dinner company. Unfortunately, she will not be able to teleport herself to Chicago this March.

Oh.. and Harry Potter fans who are also or sporty geeky (they exist??!) can take part in something rough and tumble too! Red Dot Diva is amused that there's "Muggle Quidditch" to be scrimmaged during the convention! Check out the details here!

For those who are checking out who the guests are - some of those already announced for C2E2 2011 are C.B Cebulski, Brian Michael Bendis, Joe Quesada, Ben Templesmith, Dennis Calero, Ivan Brandon, Mark Sheppard, Tahmoh Penikett amongst many others!

Tickets are still available for C2E2 right here.

On the subject of tickets, Red Dot Diva is aware that many fans are getting impatient and irked by the still unannounced dates for SDCC 2011's registration.

According to SDCC's twitter: "We expect to announce a new date for Comic-Con 2011 attendee registration by the end of this month."

Such mysteriousness has never happened before until last year, when SDCC's online registration was plagued with server connection problems. Red Dot Diva has heard rumours though, that the registration date will be February 5.

In any case, it's highly unlikely that Red Dot Diva will be heading to SDCC this year. However, since she has an incessant need to Squee, she might attempt an arduous journey to NYCC 2011 if things happen to fall in place for her in the coming months.

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