Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Marvel-lous News Indeed!

.. Just in from Singapore, Toy, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC)!!

A press release was released yesterday announcing that widely-popular publishing company Marvel Comics will make their first appearance in Asia at this year's STGCC!

Red Dot Diva couldn't help squee-ing with excitement when she heard the news.

Having attended this year's San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), Red Dot Diva noted that both Marvel and DC took up a lot of exhibit space at the convention. Their booths were well displayed and hard to miss. So she is very curious as to how Marvel will be popping their Asian convention cherry when they are here.

With the recent and popular super-hero blockbuster movies, like the well-loved "X-Men" series, "Spiderman" and "Iron Man", Marvel has managed to garner more fans - including those who may not have read their comics.

Their presence at the STGCC definitely brings the "cool" factor to another level for our local geekdom.

Many Marvel guests have already been previously announced. This include writers, creators and illustrators like Guest of Honor Salvador Larroca and Leinil Yu, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Esad Ribic, Harvey Tolibao and Alex Maleev. In addition to this list, Marvel’s Senior VP, Creator and Content Development and international talent scout,  C.B. Cebulski, will join Larroca as Guests of Honor at STGCC 2010!

It seems that Cebulski may be possibly reviewing some porfolios from aspiring local and South-East Asian artists. So those of you with artistic talents, don't miss the chance! Get your tickets and butts to STGCC! :)

There will also be panels (most of it on the Friday and Saturday, 10th and 11th December) helmed by Cebulski and the various other Marvel featured guests. Red Dot Diva hopes that their panels won't be too difficult to get into, like those in SDCC. She is intending to attend one or two that would grab her curiosity and interest!

Being at the crossroads of Asia, Singapore has always been a strange mix of East and West. And this year's STGCC is also shaping up to be an intriguing blend of the two "cultures".

To whet your appetite, STGCC has also released an official TV ad, check it out!

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