Saturday, November 27, 2010

Local Theatre News

New local theatre production company Pangdemonium! Productions kicked off to a successful start with "The Full Monty" this year.

As a follow-up, Pangdemonium will be offering more nudity with the dark psycho-drama play by Patrick Marber called "Closer". (Red Dot Diva knows that some may already be familiar with the movie version starring Jude Law, Natalie Portman, Clive Owen and Julia Roberts.) The play is directed by Tracie Pang is about love, lust, obsession, betrayal... All those melodramatic stuff. It stars Adrian Pang, Emma Yong, Keagan Kang and Cynthia Lee MacQuarrie as the four main protagonists.

"Closer" will go on stage at the DBS Arts Centre from 17 February to 6 March 2011. Tickets go on sale on December 1st on SISTIC. Remember to check out the early bird discount!

Pangdemonium also recently wrapped up auditions for the award-winning Broadway musical "Spring Awakening". The rock and roll musical - currently one of Broadway's most talked-about shows - revolves around teenage discovery and the journey to adulthood. The production is also expected to open in February next year!

More excitingly, Red Dot Diva just heard news that 2011's annual Shakespeare in the Park by the Singapore Repertory Theatre will be "MacBeth"! Red Dot Diva declares that "MacBeth" is favouritest Shakespearean play. Murder! Witchery! So much blood! She has always enjoyed her outdoor Shakespearean park outings for the last couple of years and she knows that next year would be exceedingly-wonderful watching "MacBeth".

To stave off some of her hunger for theatre, Red Dot Diva will be attending W!ld Rice's elaborate and colourful musical pantomime - "Cinderel-LAH!" this coming Tuesday at the Esplanade Theatre! The show was first staged at the Jubilee Hall back in 2003 and this year's revamped production is in celebration of W!ld Rice's 10th Anniversary. With a local spin given on the familiar fairy tale, she bets it would be a real blast! Several critics have already given the show an exhilarating thumbs-up.

Emma Yong, who has starred in a local movie "The Blue Mansion" and several local productions this year, is also acting the title role in "Cinderel-LAH!". For those who would like to know a little about Emma, here's an interview of her with TimeOut Singapore.

And... here's the TV ad for "Cinderel-LAH!"

So, do look out for Red Dot Diva's review of the "Cinderel-LAH!" musical here...  some time next week!

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