Saturday, November 19, 2022

Join The Rebellion At Raffles City - Star Wars: Andor Light Projection and X-Wing Fighter Display

Calling all STAR WARS nerds! It's time to gear up, and head to Raffles City mall to join the Rebellion.

For this year's Christmas festivities, CapitaLand is bringing Disney-themed installations called “From Our Family To Yours to their 16 malls around Red Dot Island.

In Raffles City, STAR WARS fans get to step into a small section of the galaxy far far away from now till 25 December. The highlight is the scaled replica of the Incom T-70 X-Wing Fighter on Level 3.

Adorable astromech droid BB-8 is also sitting in the X-Wing, all ready to be your co-pilot for your next space adventure.

The X-Wing Fighter display is part of a promotion for STAR WARS: ANDOR. The first season of the 12-episode TV series, which stars Diego Luna as Cassian Andor, is currently being streamed on Disney+.

ANDOR is the prequel to the Rogue One movie, a spy thriller that unveiled how the Rebels managed to steal the Death Star plans. The race to get the plans to the Rebel headquarters was what kicked off Episode IV: A New Hope, the first STAR WARS film released in theatres back in 1977. Rogue One also introduced us to the Rebel Alliance's intelligence agent Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), reluctant heroine Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) as well as K2-SO, a modified KX-series security droid with a penchant of speaking his mind.

The series ANDOR turns back time to Cassian's childhood and his early days as a mercenary. Due to his reckless actions while in a Morlana One corporate facility, Cassian falls under the radar of the Empire. While trying to escape from capture, Cassian is being roped into the rudimentary network of rebels even though he insists that he is unwilling to fight for their cause. What will it take for Cassian to become a full-fledged freedom fighter?

If you have yet to watch ANDOR, you can catch the scenes from the critically acclaimed series projected on the walls surrounding the X-Wing model, together with a stunning light show. The projection show begins every 15 minutes from 7 PM to 9:45 PM, from now till 20 November. During the intervals, stay and enjoy the rousing musical scores by John Williams from the many STAR WARS movies, including the iconic theme song and The Imperial March.

Being part of the Rebellion means that you will need to procure essential supplies for your missions. Red Dot Diva says not to worry. From now till 20 January 2023, there is a pop-up store selling Disney, Pixar and Marvel merchandise at Raffles City's L2 Atrium. Brands including Klosh, L’zzie, Shop The Paw, The Elly Store, Royal Selangor and more will be offering geekwear, bags, stationery, Lego models, toys, collectible statues and more.

There will also be an exclusive Disney-themed Recyclable Tote Bags (to be purchased separately at SGD 10) eligible for those who purchase any item in the pop-up stores (while stocks last).  These limited eco tote bags come in blind packs with four designs inspired by beloved Disney, Pixar and Marvel characters.

Bringing your precious load with you, make your way to the ground floor of the mall.

Be careful as you sneak past the 3-metre tall Imperial AT-ACT Walker standing guard near the shopfronts.

Red Dot Diva enjoyed being immersed in the STAR WARS universe for about an hour or so. She stayed for a few rounds of the light show because the X-Wing just looks sooooo awesome. Plus, the film scores brought back so many good memories!

Definitely not to be missed if you are a STAR WARS fan (and cannot afford to go to Galaxy Edge anytime soon).

May The Force Be With You!

RDD's Tip: For another angle of the X-Wing Fighter and light show, look for the Convention Centre's escalators and go to Level 4. On the left is an indoor balcony. You will be able to check out the display from *ahem* a higher ground.

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