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Jessica Emmett's Debut Exhibition "SHOW YOUR EEMO" Launches At BLAXK By Actioncity, 12 March 2022

A colourful and interesting art exhibition opens at BLAXK by Actioncity, located at Funan Mall tomorrow, 12 March 2022 (Saturday). It is the debut exhibition of talented UK toy designer, illustrator & 3D artist JESSICA EMMETT, entitled SHOW YOUR EEMO.

Full disclosure here - JESSICA EMMETT is Red Dot Diva's good friend. They first met at the Singapore Toy Games and Comic Convention (STGCC) 2016's Artist Alley, when she was promoting her illustrations and self-printed comics. It was love at first sight for Red Dot Diva and Jessica's various eye-catching and unique character designs. Jessica also designed the rebranded Red Dot Diva logo that you now see on all the RDD social media accounts. So, Red Dot Diva cannot help but feel very proud and happy that Jessica is given a chance to show off her works in her debut exhibition.

The SHOW YOUR EEMO exhibition showcases Jessica's journey in toy design throughout the years. You can admire her earlier toys in a rainbow-hued display, including the adorable unicorn toy which was quite popular with fans at STGCC 2017. Red Dot Diva owns a fuchsia custom made one too!


However, the main spotlight of the exhibition is of course, the iconic Eemo Cloud that Jessica created in 2020. And yes, there are two E's because the raincloud is super emo.

I developed Eemo Cloud as the pandemic was unfolding. While the character was based on my own experience with depression, Eemo Cloud quickly embodied much more given how many people have and continue to struggle with mental health... I think it is vital to destigmatise mental health, and art is a great way to start important conversations like mental health awareness.

I really appreciate that people have opened their hearts to this little raincloud, and I'm happy to grow Eemo Cloud together with BLAXK by ActionCity as the key uplifting theme for this debut exhibition and to raise awareness on mental health issues.” Well said, Jessica!

Limited quantities of the Eemo Cloud toy in 3" and 6" sizes are available for purchase exclusively at BLAXK at SGD 99 and SGD 179 each respectively.

To support Jessica's debut exhibition, 19 local and international artists who have influenced Jessica's artistic journey, have contributed their own spin to Eemo Cloud. The diverse and eclectic custom pieces are on display, and they all look fantastic. Just to give you a taste, here are a few pieces that Red Dot Diva was particularly drawn to.

Avid designer toy collectors are already familiar with Daniel Yu's works, like his more macabre Jiangshi collection. His contribution to SHOW YOUR EEMO is named “Our Melancholia” as he feels that ‘the human experience is a shared one’. Red Dot Diva was not disappointed to see that he has included his iconic Chinese vamp in there too!

Fluff Riot's “The Soul Is Rain” is one of the most precious pieces in the collection, with a sad-peaceful fox lying on top of Eemo Cloud. The piece is about mutual respect and empathy, as well as how important true friendship is on the journey to healing. Awwww!

This unamused looking Eemo Cloud named “The Soul Is Rain” is by Yoii aka Anna Johnston. People who know Red Dot Diva is familiar with the same look she gives on many occasions at the workplace.

Want to know the interesting backstory about Jessica and Yoii? They both met briefly at STGCC 2016 Artist Alley because their booths were right beside each other. That was when Jessica was exposed to the world of indie designer toys. She later reached out to Yoii to learn more about making designer toys, which then helped kickstart her path towards creating her own characters and toy line.

Yang of Gagatree contributes this sad, but peaceful and comforting custom piece called “Safe and Somber”. Red Dot Diva loves the shade of blue painted on this piece. It's so pretty and has a very calming and snuggly effect. Like being wrapped up in a soft blanket of blue.

Creon Chkn Head aka Michael Eryk Lalic's
custom piece “Chkn Paint Cloud” stands out amongst the others due to its sheer attitude. Ten, a heroic nogit has decided to shoot a rocket into an Eemo Cloud carrying bright yellow paint hoping that rainy days will turn into colourful ones! Red Dot Diva love the gumption and the spirited optimism.

All of the one-of-a-kind custom pieces will be available for sale through a blind bid system via an online form. Interested collectors can submit their bids online from Monday, 28 March 2022. The successful bids will be announced on Sunday, 3 April 2022. More details will be announced on BLAXK’s and Jessica Emmett’s social media pages. So, don't miss the auction if you are interested to own one of these fabulous pieces.

Besides the different Eemo Cloud pieces, Jessica's latest creations will also be launched during the exhibition. These gorgeous, wonderful creatures are 3D printed! Here's Spider Bear...

and here's Texture Monster - Break.

As Eemo Cloud represents social issues, especially inclusivity, mental health and wellness, the SHOW YOUR EEMO exhibition supports support Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) as the key non-profit beneficiary. Part of the proceeds from the sales of the event-exclusive Eemo Cloud figures and one-of-a-kinds will go towards the organisation.

Jessica will also be conducting workshops at BLAXK for SAMH’s Creative MINDSET Hub, which uses art as a form of therapy. During these workshops, participants will be able to learn more about toy designing and have a chance to customise their own Eemo Cloud figure. Look out for more details will be announced on BLAXK’s and JESSICA EMMETT'S social media pages as well.

Before you leave the exhibition, remember to take a selfie at the photo corner with a couple of Eemo Clouds as a reminder to be kind to yourself and to others.
Diva and Jessica looking eemo-cute

Enjoy the exhibition, and stay healthy, everyone!

Dates: 12 March 2022 to 12 April 2022
Where: BLAXK by Actioncity, #01-03 Funan Mall

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