Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Ultraman Saves The Day At Gardens By The Bay - In Celebration Of 55th Year of Singapore-Japan Diplomatic Relations

A childhood dream came true for many of us with the release of the first episode of a special video by Tsuburaya Productions, where ULTRAMAN makes his heroic appearance in Singapore. There will be 3 episodes, and the short films are part of a collaboration with Singapore Tourism Board (STB) entitled “SingapoReimagine ULTRAMAN. The virtual campaign celebrates the 55th year of formal Singapore-Japan diplomatic relations (code named SJ55), and is set to run for 1.5 years. Coincidentally, the year 2021 is also the 55th birthday of the beloved Japanese tokusatsu superhero!

Don't miss watching Power of Singapore Episode 1” on YouTube, which kicks off in typical old school style with a menacing kaiju who is known as Red King (actually, Red Dot Diva thinks it looks quite cute!) stomping the grounds of Gardens By The Bay, basically doing its thing and scaring the bejesus out of people.

Guess who comes quickly to the rescue? It's OG ULTRAMAN, as he swoops across the bay towards ground zero, past the iconic Marina Bay Sands towers, and comes head to head with Red King.

Of course, ULTRAMAN saves the day, and attracts even more fans who are glad that they can continue wandering around the sprawling futuristic park and take more photos ‘for the Gram’.

But... wait. Something is stalking under the deceivingly calm waters of the Marina Bay. Is that another kaiju? Or is it... a version of our very own Merli??? There are hints at the promo picture released for the first episode (see below). What is your best guess?

The next episode is coming soon, and the next stage seems to also include Changi Airport! Red Dot Diva cannot wait to watch ULTRAMAN keep our island safe again.

You may not understand any of the dialogue as the video is in Japanese, but “Power of Singapore Episode 1” will still lure you back into a cocoon of nostalgia. Watch it here:

The next two episodes are going to be interesting, and you can get some ideas of what's coming up next in the promo pic below!

If you are wishing for a local tokusatsu superhero to emerge, you do not need to look much further. Say hello to SACRED GUARDIAN SINGA, who is always ready to protec and attac. Do support our own superhero by following him on all his social media accounts. He loves receiving all the attention he can get!

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