Saturday, September 25, 2021

Doom Patrol Season 3 Is Staying Weird And Fun - Now on HBO Go!

One of DC's strangest superhero groups, the DOOM PATROL, is back on HBO with a brand new season.

The first 3 episodes of Season 3 have been released on 23 September on HBO Go, the media company's streaming platform in Asia. There is a lot to unpack as the metahuman misifts consisting of Elasti-Woman aka Rita Farr (April Bowby), Negative Man aka Larry Trainor (Matt Bomer), Cliff Steele (Brendan Fraser), Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero) and Cyborg aka Victor Stone (Joivan Wade), deal with their personal trauma as well as unexpected strangers who have crossed their paths.

One of these enigmatic strangers is a time traveller Madame Rouge, who is portrayed by Michelle Gomez. Madame Rouge is bent on thwarting the efforts of a new threat called the Sisterhood of Dada. Michelle Gomez is extremely captivating; an absolute scene stealer, especially when she is portraying baddies. So, Red Dot Diva is expecting a lot of fun in the Gomez/ Madame Rouge department.

Red Dot Diva has watched all first 3 episodes of the season, and so far, she finds that the writing is tighter. The characters are also given more room to grow, and their personal journeys are still surreal, but have a deeper emotional breadth compared to the more manic Season 2.

*** WARNING: There are some spoilers ahead! ***


For those who were going arrrggghhh, when Season 2 ended abruptly with a cliffhanger due to the pandemic, you will be glad to know that the season opener continues right from the moment Dorothy was swiped up by The Candlemaker and into the fire. The episode also reveals what happened to Jane after she was trapped in the Underground. The sad fate of Niles Caulder/ the Chief (Timothy Dalton), the eccentric scientist-leader of the group, is also revealed. So basically, episode 1 is like the proper finale for Season 2.

As the team members try to gain some form of normalcy after the events at the County Fair, each of them begins to feel rudderless, and starts to drift apart, when suddenly... someone mysterious crash lands into Cloverton. (There is a mid-credit scene, so don't miss it!)


Rita has been tasked by Niles to lead the team as she is the only one he trusts, but due to her feelings of inadequacy, she resists this mission. With the added stress, she helplessly melts into a blob and to escape the suffocating confines of the mansion, persuades the others to go on a relaxing vacation at the Codsville Mt. Resort.

Unfortunately, also staying in the resort is an alien assassin Garguax the Decimator (Stephen Murphy), who has been looking for his target Rita Farr for centuries. Rita, Cliff, Vic, and Jane ends up being taken out by Gargaux's servant with a powerful alien weapon.


Oh noes, four of the DP members are dead. Larry sans Negative Spirit, has been waiting for them to return to the mansion. Instead, shipping boxes containing their remains was dropped at the door step. Filled with grief of losing his best friends, he is at a loss of what to do. Luckily, Dorothy returns to give Larry some emotional support. She also insists they seek help from Danny the Street (who is now an ambulance), who recommends a trio of teenager sleuths.

This episode introduces the Dead Boy Detective Agency - murdered boarding school boy ghosts Edwin Payne (Ty Tennant) and Charles Rowland (Sebastian Croft) who have teamed up with a human medium named Crystal Palace (Madalyn Horcher). The young detectives have intimate knowledge about the underworld and so, they help Larry save his team mates before they souls get fully processed.

The debut of the Dead Boy Detectives will be exciting for fans who are familiar with their comic book characters. They first appeared in Neil Gaiman's THE SANDMAN #25, and then was part of a Vertigo Comics' crossover event called the Children Crusade, before they had their own comic series.

Red Dot Diva was charmed by the young supernatural investigators entry into the DP universe, and is thrilled to find out that a HBO spin-off TV series on the Dead Boy Detectives is set to start production in November this year. Woohooo!

Maybe all this sounds totally bizarre to those who have no idea who the DOOM PATROL are, but you like weird things, so you are keen to get on board. Do not worry, geek noobs! You can catch up on the series' earlier two seasons on HBO GO, and get all caught up in their strange, kooky adventures. Somehow you will also find that the series feels like a form of therapy as the characters deal with their own inner demons.

New episodes of DOOM PATROL's Season 3 will drop every Thursday, same time as the USA premiere.

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