Saturday, August 7, 2021

Sacred Guardian Singa's Debuts Opening Theme Song by Tujuhband on 8 August

SACRED GUARDIAN SINGA, our home-grown Red Dot Island original tokusatsu franchise, is raring to debut their opening theme song and music video today (8 August) on their Facebook Page! The song, a re-recording of a 2013 hit Malay language song Suara Kita, is by local rock band Tujuhband. Lyrics for the opening verse and part of the chorus have been rewritten in English.

The hard-working and passionate team at Tokuasia has been making slow but progressive steps in the last one and a half years despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to on-going health and safety restrictions, filming teasers and more footage for the planned live action series had to be put on hold. But that did not stop the creators from thinking of different ways to keep the SACRED GUARDIANS SINGA spirit alive.

In September 2020, together with well-known local publisher Asiapac Books, a prequel comic book entitled SACRED GUARDIANS was made available for purchase. The book is written by one of Tokuasia's founders Aydeel Djoehari, and vibrantly illustrated by Alan Bay. Through SACRED GUARDIANS, fans learned more insights as to the events and sacrifices that occurred leading up to the current spiritual manifestation of Sacred Guardian Singa.

The year 2021 arrived. COVID-19 has still not lost its grip on the world. This time, the team worked with Asiapac Books to develop an audio version of SACRED GUARDIANS. They were able to round up talented actors and personalities like former radio presenter Hamish Brown as the narrator and multi-talented actor Aric Hidir Amin as the immortal Dev.

By mid-2021, the free audio reading for SACRED GUARDIANS, was launched and is now available on various platforms like Soundcloud and Spotify. It was also selected as one of Straits Times' Art Picks in July. Red Dot Diva really likes the audio drama. The foley and vocal interpretations add a special layer of charm and enjoyment to the story. It's especially great helping children to appreciate reading, because you can use the book together with the audio drama as an aural prompt.

That brings us to today, the eve of National Day 2021, that will also mark the official debut of SACRED GUARDIAN SINGA'S opening theme song. The online event is happening right now! So click on the link and join the celebration!

We always knew that we wanted a local song by a local artiste as our theme song for Sacred Guardian Singa. As Tokusatsu fans ourselves, we also knew that the song had to be amazing,” said Aydeel Djoeharie, co-creator of Sacred Guardian Singa. “When I first heard the original, I felt that it had a very unique sound that fitted what we were looking for. It was this sound and energy that convinced our team that this was the song we needed.

The cool cats of local rock outfit Tujuhband

Tujuhband is equally as excited about the launch of the reworked version of Suara Kita. “We felt honoured to get the call to collaborate with tokuAsia to use our song ‘Suara Kita’ as the theme song for Sacred Guardian Singa. We’ve always felt that the song had the feel and energy of a Tokusatsu show and this partnership has taken the song to a higher level. tokuAsia is an amazing team to work with and we’re ecstatic to see this project go live.

What did you think of the theme song? Did you like it?

If you haven't got enough of it, the full music video can be viewed on SACRED GUARDIAN SINGA'S Youtube Channel starting 11 August, and the full version of the song will be available on streaming platforms at soon-to-be-announced date.

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