Friday, July 10, 2020

Red Dot Diva Announces Local Writer Wayne Rée as Guest for Second Facebook Livestream

Last month, in an era where most people are staying at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Red Dot Diva decided to launch a Facebook livestream, hosting a zine launch party with local writer Joelyn Alexandra.

The live event turned out to be more fun and interactive than expected, as their friends joined the two online discussing about Joelyn's new “UNSTABLE UNIVERSE”, a fictional world that is set to expand from the graphic novel UNSTABLE FOUNDATIONS, published by COSH Studios in 2019. There were hiccups like awkward sound echos, and ‘uh-oh where did Joelyn disappear to’ moments, but the live session felt casual and cosy, as if a bunch of friends dropped by to yak about geeky stuff.

For the second installment of Live with Red Dot Diva, she has roped in fictional writer Wayne Rée, to talk about “HORRORS, REAL AND OTHERWISE”.

Wayne Rée has a knack for writing short stories that will haunt one's mind for days. His originality shines in the anthology book TALES FROM A TINY ROOM, a collection of fantastical stories with a suspenseful twist or two. He is also the co-creator of the the supernatural/ martial arts comic book MR MEMPHIS, a collaboration with Charsiew Space, whose fluid and entertaining wuxia-inspired artwork makes the tale even more memorable. Wayne's other works can be found in LONTAR, the audio narrative GHOST MAPS, and the science fiction zine INFINITE WORLDS #3 (available for pre-order here).

In the “HORRORS, REAL AND OTHERWISE” livestream, Red Dot Diva and Wayne Rée will talk about the horror genre, writing horror stories as well as the real life horrors that has happened in the comics community. Recently, the community's own #MeToo moment has brought the issues of sexual harassment and abuse to light in a highly prominent manner. Red Dot Diva feels that it is also time to talk about this issue within the local context.

So, do join us for an hour of bone-chilling chatter for the next Live with Red Dot Diva session.

DATE: 25 July 2020, Saturday

TIME: 1 PM, Singapore Time (GMT +8)


For more information on Wayne Rée, check out his website at, and subscribe to his newsletter!

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