Friday, October 12, 2018

Gamestart Asia 2018 - 5 Cool Things To Look Out For!

This weekend's Gamestart Asia 2018, South East Asia's premiere gaming convention, will be levelling up on a few areas.

There is an increased focus on industry related events with the launch of its Masterclasses on game art and design held in the last couple of days, which were led by experts Jacqueline Jocson and Carlo Arellano. During the convention itself, Gamestart Asia will also be holding workshops relating to building your own retro arcade machine and creating fun animations. These sessions are provided in collaboration with video production company, No Average Joe.

In addition, the arena of e-sports remains the major highlight, with the SEA Major 2018 hosting tournaments for 10 games, where international professional e-sports athletes will be competing for a prize pool of USD 50,000. Fans can get to watch their e-sports heroes in action, like Japan's Daigo Umehara, top female Tekken 7 player Tokido, home boy Ho Kun Xian and reknown multi-game champion Justin Wong.

Founder's Base will be back as well. This is where you can find the cutest, wierdest, quirkiest indie games built by local developers. Visit the area, try out the games there and vote for your favourite game at the Indie Awards. You will stand a chance to win a Wacom Intuos S BT tablet!!

Tabletop gamers will be happy to know that they are tons of opportunities to play their favourite games or try new ones. There are also cool prizes for grabs at The Gauntlet, where fans can show off their skills in a variety of games.

In addition, fans can shop at the the Doujin Market, and admire the awesome costumes at the Cosplay Runway. There is so many exciting things happening on both days, but if you are a casual gamer and are more interested in pop-culture/ entertainment, here is Red Dot Diva's pick of the Top 5 Cool Things to Look Out For at Gamestart Asia!

1. Meet Elise Zhang - Voice of Overwatch's Mei

The lovable voice actor from China will be at the convention meeting fans of the immensely popular game Overwatch during these times at the Gamestart Booth:

13 Oct - 3 to 4 PM
14 Oct - 1 to 2 PM

Photo prints are available at the Gamestart Booth as well. These cost $30 each. Limited meet and greet tickets are at $35 each, and you can bring 1 item for Elise to autograph.

Also, don't miss catching Elise on the main stage at 5:30 PM on 14 October.

2. Challenge Wrestler Kenny Omega To A Game On Stage

Energetic New Japan pro-wrestler Kenny Omega is the current IWGP Heavyweight Champion, but he is also known to be a big time anime fan and ardent gamer.

There is a chance for you to challenge the man in Street Fighter V on Saturday, 14 October at 5:30PM on the main stage! Beat Kenny Omega and you will get to win some Razer products, including a Razer Panthera for PS4!

Kenny Omega will also be available for fan meet and greets at the Gamestart Booth at 1 to 2 PM on 13 October. You can also enjoy and watch him commentate the SEA Major earlier on the same day.

3. Create Your Own Custom Minifig Player in WB's DC Super Villains Game

WB Games will be promoting their latest LEGO game called DC Super Villains at this year's Gamestart Asia.

Unlike other versions of LEGO games, this title places the attention and storylines on the villains, and come on, admit it - the baddies of the DC Universe are way more iconic and memorable.

However, the really hilarious part of the game is the option to create and customize your own villain character. The module has a host of faces, costumes, accessories, powers and weapons for you to chose, and when you are done, the playable character can kickass with the rest of them.

Red Dot Diva did that during the Media Preview, and you can check out her series of Instagram photos and videos here. A plunger as a super-villain weapon? WHY NOT?! 

If you pre-order the game at the convention, you can also get an exclusive Lego Lex Luthor in Superman suit minifigure!

Check out the trailer of the game here:

4. Grab or Win Some Battle Cats Swag

This is the first time PONOS will be exhibiting at Gamestart Asia, and they have lots of Battle Cats swag for the fans at the show.

For those who have been playing and absolutely love this game, Red Dot Diva advises that you make a beeline to their booth on Day 1!

There are opportunities to get merchandise from their gatcha machine, win limited edition sticker packs, or buy limited edition goodies, like plushies at their booth. The Battle Cats mascot will also be wandering around the hall, so there is a chance to take a selfie with it!

An advanced level of the game can also be demo played during the show, with more goodies to be won. Check out PONOS' FB post indicating the various activities which will be held this weekend.

5. Be The First To Hear About Disney's Special Game Announcement

The Walt Disney Company joins Gamestart Asia for the first time this year. They will be promoting mobile strategic card game Marvel Battle Lines at their booth, plus a epic surprise announcement on Day 1.

The reveal will be made on the Main Stage at 13 October, 2 PM.
Wonder what will it be???

To experience these cool things at Gamestart Asia, tickets are still available online as well as on site at the cost of $12. Cosplayers will get into the exhibition for FREE, but you will have to follow the house rules.

Do remember to line up early, because the first 300 visitors each day will receive a Random Loot Goodie Bag!

Get ready, everyone. This is going to be wild ride!

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