Monday, February 26, 2018

Adam Driver Reveals Kylo-Ren's Exercise Regiment at Q&A Session, Coronado Naval Base

One thing that stands out about the new Supreme Leader Kylo-Ren is his luscious, helmet-proof, raven-hued hair. It is the kind of hair that makes many Star Wars fans, including Red Dot Diva, to wonder - what kind of shampoo does Kylo-Ren use?

Adam Driver, the talented actor who plays Kylo-Ren with such intensity, also sports his locks long and loose most of the time. He made a rare live appearance (sans goatee!) at the "Logan Lucky" screening held at Coronado Naval Base's Lowry Theatre on 24 February 2018.

When asked about his preferred haircare product, he said, "whatever's left from the film set". Someone then suggested it was Bumble & Bumble shampoo & conditioner. So, hmmm, the Dark Side must smell really nice. *sniff sniff*

The Q&A ran longer than expected, with Adam Driver extending his allocated time slot twice, as he patiently fielded as many questions as he could from the fans. Most questions have already been asked before in various "Logan Lucky", "Paterson" and Star Wars promos leading up the release of "The Force Awakens" and "The Last Jedi", but there were a few humorous gems from Adam, who was in a very good mood that night.

Q: What's the secret to Kylo-Ren's physique?
A: Protein, sleep and exercise. He also bench presses 1,000 lbs.

Q: How do you get into character for Kylo-Ren?
A: Get bad indigestion. (hahaha) Adam then said that it was the script that dictated how he approached Kylo. The tight and restricting costume also helped make him get into Kylo's anger mode.

Q: That hand touch in the hut had way more heat than like, Finn and Rose kissing! (roar of laughter from the audience) When will Kylo hook up with Rey?
A: I dunno, I dunno! (You have to watch this sneak video from @xcuddlinqs.)

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Q: What is Kylo's game plan, and how did he manage to get Rey willing to touch his hand in the hut?
A: Domination

A fan asked if Adam had been bullied before, and he admitted, "yes, of course. Look at me." He also said that "life goes on and time heals all wounds. Whatever’s happening has a shelf life."

Red Dot Diva is actually surprised that there were no HBO "Girls" based questions from the crowd. Most of the people there seem to be Star Wars or Kylo fans. A kid managed to tell Adam that he made Star Wars better (awww!), and to that comment, the audience applauded loudly.

There may be more hope for those who support Adam's non-profit organization Arts in the Armed Forces (AITAF) or keep track of Adam's appearances. He is hoping to do a screening of "Silence", and have director Martin Scorsese do a talk about the movie. That would be so AWESOME! Although since Red Dot Diva is not in the USA, she has to live her life vicariously through those fans who will be able to go, if this event actually happens.

By the way, AITAF, which is based in New York, is always looking for volunteers. So if this is your calling, you can contribute your time and efforts with the organization.

There are loads more details about the Q&A which have been well documented by Adam Driver fans ciaomichaella and adamkylosandwich, who were both there at the screening. Go check out their photos and notes in Tumblr! (Red Dot Diva would rather not get into the gossip-rumour-what's-up-with-their-private life end of things though!)

Coming back to the topic of Adam Driver's sexy hair, Red Dot Diva has started a fun Facebook page for all Adam Driver Hair Appreciators out there. Of course, the FB page is called none other than - Adam Driver's Hair. Feel free to like the page and admire all the lovely pictorial posts that are to dye for!

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