Saturday, January 27, 2018

2018 Show Dates for STGCC and Gamestart Asia Announced

Two local conventions, The Singapore Toy Game and Comics Convention (STGCC) and Gamestart Asia, have locked in their 2018 show dates several months early this time round.

In early December 2017, STGCC announced that the 11th edition of the "East meets West" pop-culture convention will be held on 8 - 9 September 2018. Amongst the sea of anime/ manga/ cosplay conventions held in Red Dot Island throughout the ye ar, STGCC is the largest show that has a higher focus on Westernized properties, with high-profile guests who have worked with DC Comics, Marvel, IDW, Image and more.

Last year, with Star Wars as one of Red Dot Island's tourism initiatives made with Disney, the show also drew in props and set reconstructions by the Belgian Costume Division vzw, and guests from Disney and Lucasfilm.

There was also a section called the Good Game Experience or GGXP, which offered gaming enthusiasts their own base to duke it out in tournaments and try out new games. It had been a long time since the "G" alphabet of STGCC was given a fair share of representation.

STGCC was not the only one making early announcements. Comic book artist Frank Cho, who was a guest in in 2017, also said that he will be coming back to STGCC this year. This is quite a surprise, because STGCC hardly invites guests back on consecutive years. But perhaps, maybe... Frank Cho really likes us Red Dot Island fans deep deep?

For a show that has lasted more than a decade, Red Dot Diva has to admit that their formula is beginning to look and feel quite jaded. Having the Belgian Costume Division vzw was a great idea, but perhaps, the showrunners could incorporate something more exclusive? Maybe a special screening of a trailer of an upcoming blockbuster movie, or maybe even a celebrity guest? What about having a mini exhibition on props and costumes from TV shows and movies? Or reknown guests who have worked backstage in makeup or costuming?

Red Dot Diva is aware the costs of make such a wishlist is probably a deciding factor on the show's budget. However, she thinks these suggestions (she knows a lot of her friends have the same wishes) will refresh the show, create more buzz, and hence maybe, more ticket sales.

As for Gamestart Asia, the premiere gaming show in the region is returning on 13 - 14 October 2017, Suntec Centre for the 5th time. Not only that, Gamestart is bringing its franchise to Indonesia! Dates for the Indonesian edition will be announced later this year, so Indonesian gamers - do look out for news in Gamestart's official sites!

For the last couple of years, Gamestart Asia has focused more on e-sports and table-top gaming. Although, these do not fall under Red Dot Diva's main interests, she knows that there are hundreds of gaming fans out there who love immersing themselves in the game booths, and rooting for their faves in the various tournaments.

Other staples like Founders Base, cosplay, and discounted booths for indie games and start-ups are set to be back as well.

The game industry is a rapidly growing sector, so things may still develop regarding the composition of Gamestart Asia's show latest this year. Hopefully, it will have feature more high profile game developers and games, include more interactive components (hey, having fun photo booths with mascots is a great way to keep adults and kids interested. It is also super Instagrammable!), so that casual fans like Red Dot Diva, will find it more worthwhile to hang around at the event hall longer!

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