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STGCC 2017: Diva's Round-up and Biceps Collection from the Media Preview

STGCC, the largest Western pop-culture event of the year in Red Dot Island, will be opening its doors just a few hours away.

At the media preview which was held at Central Perk SG yesterday, ReedPop mentioned that the for its 10th Anniversary, the convention has expanded to 1 more hall, to encompass the new zones like the Good Game Experience (GGXP) and Akiba Zone, which focuses on cosplay and Japanese subculture.

For years, the "games" segment which is mentioned in the STGCC brand name, has been notably absent. With the GGXP area, the organizers making their bid to get the industry back into the fold. Within the area, fans can try their hands on games developed by local and regional publishers, including titles like Pokemon Trading Card Game as well as other card, computer, mobile phone games as well as immersive VR experiences. There will also be a few hardcofe esports tournaments held live there.

The show's floor plan is also heavily segmented into different types, with attendees getting hit with "retail therapy" first before they arrive at the Star Wars "Experience The Force" section, main stage and Artist Alley area. Certain parts of the show are only available to fans depending on the types of tickets they purchase. Hopefully, this will allow fans to maximize their different enjoyment at STGCC, depending on their interests.

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On site to meet the invited media at the preview yesterday were several STGCC featured guests. Popular comic book artist Frank Cho had many of the media folks and fellow guests gushing over how his creative works had inspired them. To have him at STGCC may be the one and only chance that some of the local and regional fans will be able to meet him in person.

There were also loud cheers for 3x Eisner Award winner, Sonny Liew. Yes, Red Dot Diva fangirl-screamed as well.

Professional cosplayer Leon Chiro, who had unfortunately lost his luggage on his way here, was not in costume. However, he was still preppy, and even tried to boost the excitement and energy level of the media folks with his positive spirit.

The other guests at the preview included Tokidoki founder Simone Legno, Japanese idol and J-pop singer Rie Yunohara, top-selling Disney artist and actor James C Mulligan, Stefan Cembolista from the prop-making group, Belgian Costume Division vzw, and Ian Gregory Tan from Witching Hour Studios.

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Red Dot Diva found the preview was arranged in a rather disorganized, laissez faire style by the STGCC's new PR firm Mutant. That caused some confusion as to where and how the one-on-one interviews were to be conducted, and there was no management on how long each media outlet could talk to a guest. So, some hogged their time more than it was fair. However, the media folks present were generally nice and patient, so it seemed everyone including Red Dot Diva got the info, photos and footage they needed.

As Red Dot Diva had covered her key pre-STGCC Q&A's with some of the guests already, she mainly focused on introducing herself and capturing those "die-die-must-pose" biceptous photos.

First up was Frank Cho, of course! Considering the long flight here, he looked very dapper in this dark jacket, was very articulate and really really nice. Just look at his artistic biceps, y'all. Such outrage!

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Frank Cho is also eager to meet the fans this weekend. Watch his video greeting!

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Red Dot Diva had to wait for a really long time to speak to Italian model and cosplayer Leon Chiro. When the media groups in front of her finally wrapped up their time with him, she stepped forward to introduce herself. Leon's eyes lit up as he recognize her from the Q&A she did with him and immediately gave her a VERY WARM HUG! *SQUEEEE!*

With Leon's famous and awesome biceps, it was a MUST to flex 'em up for a photo op.

Watch Leon Chiro's video greeting as he says hi to the fans out there. Don't miss meeting him this weekend at STGCC! His boundless energy and sense of humour will automatically make your day better!

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Meanwhile, a few reporters, including fellow Glam Bloggers Alliance pal Agent W, had "kidnapped" Sonny Liew to a quieter corner for a shared interview. Red Dot Diva saw them in a deep and quiet discussion, so she did not want to intrude.

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Simone Legno of Tokidoki has been a guest at STGCC for several years running! He laughed and was amused to learn that he had to flex his biceps for a RDD photo op. But as you can see, his artistic biceps are very nice too.

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Next up, was artist James C Mulligan, who looked like a rock star in his leather jacket. He was very friendly, and if you love all things Disney and have not seen his art already, check out his Facebook page!

James C Mulligan was also excited to meet the fans this weekend. Don't miss his live painting session on the main stage on Sunday, as well as meet him at Walk of Fame! Watch his video greeting below:

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Red Dot Diva was hoping to chat with prop-maker Stefan Cembolista from The Belgian Costum Division or BCD vzw. These are the guys who are building the life sized props and replicas station at the Star Wars "Experience the Force" area within the show. Unfortunately, Stefan was quite popular and was fielding interviews non-stop.

Red Dot Diva will have to try to "catch" him and his bicepstous team on the show floor this weekend. In the meantime, RDD's geek bro Jedd managed to interview Stefan. Read his interview with the head of BCD here!

For those who are interested in shopping at STGCC, there is a whole slew of exclusives and merchandise were also on display at the media preview. These include a limited edition Mr Kiasu figurine available at Action City's booth!

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There are also the limited edition Hot Toys 2017 Toy Fair releases, like these babies...

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.... the mostly rainbow-coloured vinyl toys and items by designer Mark Nagata and his collaborators,

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... designer Daniel Yu's trademark Chinese vampires or jiang shi's...

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and other offerings, like the hologram Darth Vader from Beast Kingdom,

... unicorn-themed items by Jessica Emmett and many others!

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As you can see, there are many cool guests to meet, a lot to do and buy at STGCC 2017.
Do get your wallet$ ready and remember to pack the books and posters that you want signed by any of our guests!

See you in a few hours at the showfloor!

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