Sunday, April 9, 2017

Glitzy 3-Day Celebration for Star Wars May the 4th 2017 at Gardens by the Bay

Local Star Wars fans would have already been aware or signed up for the first Star Wars Run held on May 6th organized by sports event management company, Esprimo.

In addition to the themed run, the company has also collaborated with the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board to make this year's May The 4th celebration into a three-day festival at Gardens by the Bay's Supertree Grove.

The galactic shindig kicks off on Thursday May 4th with appearances of Chewbacca and Kylo-Ren, a SaberTrees Light-up of the supertrees as well as the specially choreographed Garden Rhapsody Star Wars Edition light show set to the movie franchise's iconic soundtrack.

A replica of the two-legged All-Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST) will also be standing guard at the Supertree Grove. This should be a great photo opportunity for any Star Wars fans, especially if you are dressed for the occasion!

You can also party like you are at a cantina on May 5th and 6th, except that it will be a Star Wars themed silent disco (Red Dot Diva thinks the Sith must really really hate party music.)

Here is the schedule of the events and appearances:

As for the first-ever Star Wars Run held in Singapore, the activities begin at the Meadow on May 6th. The village opens from 4 PM onward and first race for the 10km Competitive Run will flag off  at 7 PM, with the 4.5km Non-Competitive Run starting at 8 PM. For more details, check out the Star Wars Run website. Registration ends 17 April.

This year's official May The 4th celebration is set to stun visitors with a whole lot of razzle-dazzle. This is a far cry from the homey fan-run event held last year at Kallang Wave. There are pros and cons for either kind of event format, but personally, Red Dot Diva still prefers the one run by fans for the fans.

The warm camaraderie in last year's event gave Red Dot Diva a happy buzz that lingered for days. There were a host of activities for adults and kids (whrrrrrrr! FightSaber performance FTW!), and with proceeds of booth sales or photo opportunities given to charity, the event was a testament of what it really, really means to be a Star Wars fan.

She hopes there will be an accompanying fan event this year too. (There is going to be one, right?)

Meanwhile, if any hardcore Star Wars fan need their fix, FightSaber Singapore will be hosting The Last Jedi Panel Live Screening streamed from Star Wars Celebration held at Orlando this Friday, May 14th. Details are on their event page! Don't say that Diva bo jio!


1 MAY 2017: Changes to Meet and Greet Schedule
Those heading to Gardens by the Bay on May 4th, please note the changes to the Chewbacca/ Kylo-Ren appearances on that day:

The 8pm meet & greet session has been cancelled.

These are the new meet and greeting timings:
- 6pm – 6.30pm
- 7pm – 7.30pm
- 9pm – 9.30pm
- 10pm – 10.30pm

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