Friday, February 24, 2017

Fan Activities for new Wolverine movie "Logan", happening at Shaw Lido!

The latest X-Men movie "Logan" will premiere on local theatres on 2 March 2017. Lead actor Hugh Jackman has mentioned that this will be the last time he will be performing as the powerful mutant Wolverine, with the trademark adamantium claws.

The Aussie actor has played the role of Wolverine 9 times in the various X-Men movies. More amazingly, Hugh Jackman, who is in his late 40s, have managed to look even more ripped as Wolverine in the recent films than his very first appearance in 2000!

To celebrate the movie's launch in Red Dot Island, Shaw Theatres IMAX® and Twentieth Century Fox have planned some special fan activities. For starters, if you cannot wait for the official premiere date of "Logan", you can already book for a special preview screening at Shaw IMAX theatres on 1 March, 8 PM at SGD 20 per ticket. Each attendee will receive a special "Logan" mini poster! (Do note that the movie has been rated M18.)

Over at Shaw Lido, there will be a photo exhibition called featuring behind-the-scenes  from the movie. To pay tribute to the wonderful Hugh Jackman, fans can also leave notes on a message wall.

LOGAN Photo Exhibition - Legend. Legacy. Eternity. 
Date: 24 February - 8 March 2017 
Time: Standard cinema operating hours 
Venue: Shaw Theatres Lido

The "real" movie Wolverine will not be in town at all, but fans can still have fun taking photos with Wolverine costumers at a photo booth during the following dates and times!

Wolverine Fan Costume Appearance 
Date: 1 March and 4 March 2017 
Time: 1 March - 6:30 PM-7:30 PM; 4 March - 2:00PM- 3:00PM
Venue: Shaw Theatres Lido 

In addition, you can also take the photo printouts home, and they are FREE of charge!

The M18 rating for "Logan" is no surprise, especially after the release of the latest international trailer, as it reveals a much, much darker turn of events concerning Wolverine's story.

Set in the year 2024, Logan has now aged to a much older and wearier man since his appearance in "The Wolverine". He meets a young girl called Laura (a.k.a. X-23 in the comics) with adamantium claws as well. Laura (Dafne Keen) is an utterly bloodthirsty killing machine, and is being hunted by a band of formidable soldiers. The two form a bond as Logan decides to take her under his wing.

Watch the thrilling "Logan" trailer below, which also hints of weaker, unstable Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart):

Critics who watched the early screenings have hailed the James Mangold-directed movie as a great standalone film that does not typically follow the comic book superhero visuals that viewers have recently been inundated with. The trailer already hints of noir-tinged hues, pacing and nuanced acting by Hugh Jackman, and seem to resound strongly regarding human reactions like tenderness, responsibility and regret.

Red Dot Diva is very excited to catch the movie "Logan", and to relish in Hugh Jackman's iconic performance for (probably) the last time. It will also (probably) be Patrick Stewart's last time being Professor X too! *Sob!* No more bare Wolverine bums to ogle at!

It will interesting though to see if there might be more movies focusing on Laura's soul-searching journey. From the trailers, Dafne Keene looks totally invested in her role and based on the comics, Laura has several interesting key storylines. If you want to know what X-23 is currently doing in the comics (Red Dot Diva decided not to spoil the surprise for non-comic book readers), do check out Marvel's "All-New Wolverine" series, written by Tom Taylor! You won't regret it!

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