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STGCC 2016: More Guests Announced, Including Emma Rios, Jacob Chabot and Stephanie Hans

The announcement for the second wave of Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention (STGCC) guests was released when Red Dot Diva was having her holiday in the UK.

Unlike in previous years, Red Dot Diva is glad to see that there are a few more noteworthy women creators in the guest list. She hopes that their presence at the convention will help boost the profile and confidence of other female creators locally in the region.

One of the female creator guests is Spanish artist Emma Rios, who has her very own graphic novel called "I.D." published with Image Comics. She is also part of the creative team for "Pretty Deadly" with popular writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and the scifi-fantasy series "Mirror" with artist Hwei Lim. Prior to these published works, Emma has also illustrated for Boom! Studios ("Hexed") and Marvel ("Doctor Strange", "Amazing Spider-man").

Thanks to Image Comics, "Mirror the Mountain" will make its global debut exclusively at STGCC. For this special occasion, Malaysian artist Hwei Lim, will be joining collaborator Emma Rios as a guest at the convention.

"Mirror", which is connected to the 8House universe, focuses on the House of Healers with narrative and epilogues that bring to light questions about freedom of choice and the meaning of humanity.

Hwei Lim's flowing and effortless water colour brushwork makes the "Mirror" series a beautiful visual fest.

Another female artist who will also be meeting fans at STGCC in September is Stephanie Hans, who has worked with Marvel as a cover artist and in interior art for "Angela", "Thor", "Guardians and the Galaxy" and "Black Widow". Recently, she was also working on Vertigo's "Lucifer" series.

Her vibrant, dramatic artwork is instantly eye-catching,and as noted by Ed from Toys-etc, Stephanie sure loves those splashes of red (Red Dot Diva's favourite colour!) in her drawings. So lovely! :D

Stephanie has been touring around Asia for the last few months, making stops in China, Japan and Korea. She had teased about her appearance in Red Dot Island since earlier this year, and her fans here are all eager to take her around to well-known, yummy local food haunts!

Who doesn't love Tsum Tsums?? Those adorable creatures have made their way to the hearts of pop-culture fans and collectors, as well as into the pages of a new Marvel comic book mini-series, written by cartoonist Jacob Chabot.

As part of his appearance at the convention, a special exclusive STGCC variant cover for Marvel's "Tsum Tsum" #1 by Jacob Chabot is available for sale. Fans can purchase a copy at Look at those adorable faces. Aiyoh! How to resist?

Jacob has infused his sense of humour into his various works of art which can be seen in the Spongebob, Hello Kitty and The Simpsons comics. Recently, Jacob's "Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare" hit the New York Time's bestseller graphic book list!

Adding to the guest list is prolific and respected artist from Japan, Haruhiko Mikimoto. A fan favourite, Mikimoto is well known for his anime character designs for "The Super Dimension Fortress Macross", "Macross 7", and "Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress".

Digital artist Sakimichan will be making her first convention appearance in Asia. Her mainly fantasy-themed fan art consist of elves, faeries, fauns and demons. She is also skilled in depicting gender-bend art of iconic characters, including those from Disney, like the female Hades in the pic above.

This isn't the last of the guest announcements though! STGCC will be putting out another round of names on 4th August 2016. So look out for them!

Red Dot Diva attended Star Wars Celebration Europe in London two weeks ago, and bumped into STGCC 2016 guest Phil Noto at a restaurant!

Phil Noto was listed as one of STGCC 2016's guests in the first wave of announcements made in June.

Phil said hi to everyone in Red Dot Island and that he is very excited to meet his fans at the convention!

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The Glam Bloggers Alliance - a collaboration of four geeks - Red Dot Diva, Ed from Toys-etc, Agent W and Andre aka Mr Million Dollar Smile - will be back at STGCC 2016 being busybodies checking out the guests, exhibitors, cosplayers and all forms of biceps during the convention.

Both Red Dot Diva and Toys-etc blogs are also proud to continue their Supporting Blog status with STGCC.

If you spot us that weekend, do come up and say hi! :D

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