Friday, February 27, 2015

Farewell Leonard Nimoy - You Shall Always Be Our Friend ...

.... as well as Internet's Honorary Grandpa.


The actor, who was best-known all over the world as Star Trek's Spock, passed away at his Los Angeles home today, at the age of 83.

It seems the universe was weeping because not coincidentally (for there are no such things as coincidences!)....  just a few seconds after reliable media outlets were publishing the news, Red Dot Diva woke up from a deep sleep and decided to check her Twitter timeline. That was when she saw that dear Leonard Nimoy had passed on.

Not only was Leonard Nimoy an actor of such an iconic character, he was the kind of Renaissance Man who took our imagination to the wide frontiers of creative space. For Nimoy was also an avid photographer, singer, poet and director. His warmth and wisdom permeates his social network space as well as fan base, even before there was the commercially portable PC, smartphone and the existence of Facebook or Twitter. Red Dot Diva loves that he fights ardently for equal rights, and is a strong voice for the feminist movement, like the Full Body Project.

The loss of Nimoy is felt throughout the world, and his death is being grieved by countless family members, colleagues and fans.

As part of a tribute to our dearest "Grandpa", here are just a few of the farewell messages sent through space and time to Leonard Nimoy. Red Dot Diva hopes he is able to hear them somehow....

Cast of "Star Trek" franchise:

Tributes by Artists

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Some celebrities and fans honoring Nimoy. And if you check through on the social networks, many with the selfies of the LLAP Vulcan salute/ mudra:

Here's a heartfelt one from fellow co-star in scifi TV series "Fringe". Leonard Nimoy was acting as William Bell, the former lab partner of John Noble's Walter Bishop.

Actor Todd Stashwick:

Actor Robert Carlyle:


Local movie reviewer/ journalist/ toy customizer, geek Jedd Jong:

Long time Star Trek fan, Zoe, says her goodbyes on her Facebook which summarizes a lot of what the fandom feels:

"I don't even know what to say, other than I am devastated by the loss of Leonard Nimoy. He was an important force in my life—although I did not know him personally—and the lives of countless others, and he will be greatly missed. Thank you for being an honorary "Space Grandpa" to thousands and for bringing so much positivity into the Universe through your performances, film making, poetry, artwork, songs about Bilbo Baggins, kind words, and compassionate actions. Your impact is eternal. 

Sending love at warp factor 9 to his family, friends, fans, and fellow mourning Trekkies. I hope he's taking a personal tour through the galaxy on his own personal space cloud, and that the final destination is transformation into a vibrant nebula.

Ad astra per aspera. Ex astris, scientia. R.I.P. Leonard."

As for Red Dot Diva, she will always remember the few precious seconds where she got to meet Leonard Nimoy at the Star Trek Convention 2009 in Las Vegas.

Standing tall, smiling and with his kind eyes greeting each fan as hundred others waited patiently at the photo line, she shook his hand when it was her turn, and told him what an honour and pleasure it is to meet him. To which, he replied in that familiar bass-tone, "Thank you."

No... *Thank you*, Leonard Nimoy, dear sir.
For your wisdom, warmth and being an inspiration to many.

We will always remember you, and we will strive to make you proud of us.

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