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A Fan's Encounter: Meeting "Superman" Henry Cavill in Gibraltar!

There are many, many people in this world who dream of meeting Superman.

The closest one could probably get to that wish, is to meet Henry Cavill - the actor who plays the current Man of Steel in the movies.

One of Red Dot Diva's online acquaintances Anthony Ong, achieved that personal goal recently despite facing some health issues. During the time that he was planning to meet Henry Cavill in Gibraltar, Anthony suffered from a returning bout of Bells Palsy. The affliction gave him a lot of pain in his cranial nerve and caused some of his facial muscles to freeze up. Anthony nearly cancelled his trip because of that.

It was a good thing he didn't. Because of his dedication towards #ProjectHenry (this was what Anthony had named his personal mission), he not only got to meet the lovely Henry Cavill, he also managed to exchange more than a few words with the actor.

Now, some readers may be wondering... why of all places Gibraltar? As an ambassador for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund (RMCTF), Henry Cavill was taking part in the 350th anniversary of the Royal Marines held on 24-27 October 2014 by participating in the 5km The Gibraltar Rock Run. As in most grand celebrations, there was a gala dinner which Henry Cavill also attended.

Here are some edited excerpts from Anthony's story:

At the pre-run briefing, I was told Henry Cavill was gonna be there too and I was very nervous. After registration, I grabbed a seat right at the front of the room. I was chatting with a fellow runner and he told me Henry was already here. So, I immediately went up to him but he was talking to some runners. I waited for him to finish and I introduced myself. The conversation went something like that:

Me: Hi Henry, I'm from Singapore. (epic fail I know cos I was almost peeing my pants)
Henry: Oh really, thanks for coming!
Me: I'm here to support you and the event. This is for you. (At this point of time I passed him a letter with photos of my entire collection of his.)
Henry: Thanks. I'll read it later.
Me: Can I take a picture with you?
Henry: Yes of course.

One of the runners took my DSLR and tried to help with taking the photo. I was thinking if I should attempt to smile but I did anyway, because this is how I am now, and the photo will be a memory I will never forget.

After the first photo, Henry said, "Let's take a second one, just in case."

Because it was very dark I used flash and it was hard to focus. Henry was very very patient and even said that the camera might be trying to focus. The second photo didn't happen but I had my hand around his shoulder for the second one.. hehe.

Henry: You take a look at the first one.
Me: It's good thanks!
Henry: You sure? Are you happy with it?
Me: Yes thanks so much.

At this time the briefing was about to start so I went back to my seat. When it ended, I managed to get Henry to autograph my "Man of Steel" DVD.

Soon, a crowd had formed around Henry, with people requesting to take photos with him or have his autograph. So, I approached Nik, Henry's brother and I told him I came all the way from Singapore to support his brother. I explained that I had been sick the past month and therefore, will be walking for most of the run. Nik was super nice too, and said hope I will get well soon.

Already the first night in Gibraltar, and everything I could ever dreamt of came true. I am getting teary-eyed writing this, no kidding. It has been a really tough month and keeping positive with my Superman in mind really helped. And yes, Henry Cavill is the real deal. He is as nice as what every single person said. In fact all my top idols are.

The next day was the day of the Gibraltar Rock Run. After breakfast, I headed to the meeting point called Casemates Square. Upon reaching the venue, I met up with a couple of new friends I met yesterday. Henry was just around the corner so I went to take more photos. I patted Henry on the shoulder and greeted him and he said, "Hey mate! Hood to see you again good to see you. Thanks!"

The run started and I ran for like a little bit. Before I know it, I was the last of all the runners. One of the marines Oliver, came to me, chatted and walked with me all the way. I would have given up walking if not for his company.

The slopes up the rock were really tough to even walk. I took my time. It felt like forever but I made it. So I came in last haha! I was introduced to a few of the marines. As I went up, Henry was going down the stairs leaving, giving me a huge smile and said, "Hey glad you made it. Enjoy the beer!" I would have missed him if I was a little slower!

I hung around the area for awhile chit-chatting with the others, then left for the cable car down to the hotel for lunch. I saw Henry there and shook his hand again.

Henry: Hey great to see you. It's not easy isn't it.
Me: Ya I'm still panting. Well actually I've been sick.
Henry: Oh really?
Me: Ya I had bell's palsy. You heard about it?
Henry: Oh ya. Glad that you could still make it. How are you feeling?
Me: I'm still recovering.

I was too tired to eat so I just sat there resting. I decided to shamelessly ask Henry for a second photo using my iPhone. This time, Oliver took the photo for me. As they ran out of medals, they would have to post mine to me. Oliver was nice to give his address to them, so that he could post the medal to me later.

Later on that day, there was the cocktail party. Being a formal event, I was all suited up. It was kinda awkward the whole evening though. Apart from chatting with a couple of peeps, I was left on my own most of the time.

Just before I left, I braced myself to bid goodbye to Henry.

Me: Hi Henry, I'm leaving tomorrow morning. I just wanna say thank you so much.
Henry: No No. Thank you!
Me: Can I take just one more pic?
Nik: I'll do it for you. I know how to use this. (refering to my iPhone)

While Nik was taking my phone,
Me: I'll be going Manchester tomorrow
Henry: I really appreciate you coming all the way here. Do you love it here?
Me: Yes I love it!

After Nik took the photos, Henry thanked me again for coming to Gibraltar. I shook his hand and then Nik's hand.
My meeting with Henry Cavill has been so perfect.

#ProjectHenry fully accomplished!


Thanks to Anthony for sharing his story and photos!
His original version can be read here.

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  1. OMG, i know this post is old, but you really met him?? Lucky you! From your story, i can conclude that Henry is such a gentleman!