Sunday, May 18, 2014

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" Press Conference in Singapore - Short and Snikt!-ed

As the "X-Men: Days of Future Past" press conference wrapped up at Ritz Carlton's Millenia Pavilion, Red Dot Diva was still not sure if she had just been unwillingly whipped forward in time via some mutant power.

The entire proceedings with visiting X-Men actors Hugh Jackman, Peter Dinklage and Fan BingBing, lasted merely 12 minutes tops. It was as if The Wolverine came in, released his claws and went on a rampagey-Snikt! on the scheduled programme.

Perhaps the press conference was cut short because the talent were tired of boring repetitive questions from journalists about the movie, or maybe the organizers felt that the region's media would have enough time with the cast during their roundtables after the conference (where unknown bloggers like Red Dot Diva would not have been invited for anyway).

There were several TV cameras recording the entire conference, and Red Dot Diva has captured some of her own video snippets as well, but since the event was so short, she will simply refer readers to the video edit by TODAY online:

A few observations:
- Hugh Jackman, being the consummate gentleman, pulled out Fan BingBing's chair so that she could get seated first at the press conference table. From various photos and vid clips of their X-Men Live tour, he seems to be rather protective of her. Then again, as an actress walking in long gowns and enduring high heel shoes for hours, it does help to be able to lean on someone study from time to time.

- Peter Dinklage has great comedic timing with that deadpan humour of his. His simple declaration that he was Hugh's body double in one particular *ahem* n_d_ scene was Red Dot Diva's personal highlight of the press con. (See 5:30 in video above)

- Fan Bingbing hardly had the chance to say much. The press conference was all about Hugh Jackman. Especially the semi-amusing segment that involved a local radio DJ from Hot FM, Hugh and his alter-ego Logan, that also caught both Peter Dinklage and Fan Bingbing by surprise. Again, it's best watched in the video clip embedded above.

There was a quickie photo call at the end (where BingBing was seen doing a kawaii-body-lean on Hugh again) and then, that was that.

So much so that Red Dot Diva is still not even sure if she had been there.

Sigh. Star-studded time warps.... Gotta say, they suck.

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