Saturday, April 12, 2014

Come Celebrate FCBD Singapore 2014 With Ivan Reis And Other Guests!

Doesn't time fly when you are having fun??

Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is merely 3 weeks away! And the usual suspects have been announcing their in-store guests who will be meeting fans on Saturday, 3rd May.

The big surprise for this year's FCBD guest list has got to be GnB Comics' announcement that Brazilian comic artist Ivan Reis will be making his way to Red Dot Island! You could feel the squees from local fanboys reverberating around the island.

Ivan Reis has worked with both Marvel and DC, but is widely appreciated known for his artwork on DC releases like the mini-series "Blackest Night" and "Brightest Day", as well as The New 52's "Aquaman" run together with Geoff Jones. Ivan is currently doing the artwork for "Justice League".

Red Dot Diva warns that if Ivan Reis is the guest you have been wanting to meet for the longest time, then you gotta get prepared to line up early at GnB's storefront on FCBD morning! Unless you're one of their loyal members... then, there's the Priority Pass that you can take advantage of!

GnB and Ivan Reis are also offering fans a chance to purchase his original published artwork. Check out the FB post here for more details.

Joining Ivan Reis at GnB are familiar faces from across the Causeway, artists Sheldon Goh and Alan Quah, who will also have artwork available on sale in addition to their in-store appearances. More information on GnB's FCBD activities and member exclusives can be found in their Facebook page.

Invasion Toys and Collectibles store has also just announced their FCBD guests. They are local illustrator Shawn Yap and Andie Tong. Their FCBD activities begin at 12 PM and there will be free comics and swag available for fans throughout the day.

As in previous years, major retail bookstore Kinokuniya will be celebrating FCBD as well with a set of free comics to be given away, on a first-come first served basis to members. Other than the mention of appearances by cosplayers and those from the Star Wars The 501st Legion Singapore Garrison, no guests have been announced just yet.

To keep track of what will be happening locally on FCBD, hit the Free Comic Book Day Singapore Facebook page right here! It is also a good way to get to know more fellow comic book geeks and share about your FCBD adventures this year.

Wait... there's more -- this year, Red Dot Diva will be partnering with GnB for a special online contest! There are some really awesome goodies up for grabs if you are the lucky winner! So stay tuned!

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