Tuesday, December 31, 2013

And It's A Wrap... For 2013!

Wow. 2013.

What an exciting and busy year for Red Dot Diva.

It was a year of the 3 comic conventions - Comic-Con at San Diego, NYCC and STGCC at home base. (Phew!) And she doubts she will be duplicating that time-travelling feat again in the next year.

Without the strong support of reliable friends (heyyyy there Glam Bloggers Alliance - Andre Chee/ Red Dot Dude, Agent W and Toysetc's Edward), people who care (Ryan - thanks for looking out for me and my stomach's needs when things get hectic!), a tight sisterhood that transcends geographical barriers (Sara, Chelle, @_mriel, Rita! - just to name a few) and a special silver fox behind the scenes, it would have not been possible to cover so many topics and events for the blog.

It has also been great working alongside with many other local and overseas bloggers/ v-loggers during the year. Many of these fellow geeks and reviewers (e.g. Here Be Geeks, Geekmatic, Geek Crusade, A Persistent Vision) work very hard for their own blog material. Red Dot Diva hopes the strong camaraderie continues on to the next year and beyond. Jia you!

2013 has also been a year when Red Dot Diva made many new and wonderful acquaintances and friends - mostly through social networking tools, especially Twitter. These connections become even more special when Red Dot Diva meets them in person at events and conventions. She knows that there are many of you whom she has not met in real life yet. Let's see if this can happen in 2014!

To all those very yummy bicepstuous creatures out there (you know who you are!), Stay Delicious. She's counting on that for an even juicier 2014.

Thanks to the several PR/ marketing and media people who have also reached out to her in 2013. Red Dot Diva is really grateful for the media opportunities and invites.

A BIG Thank You to all blog readers and Twitter/ FB followers out there. You are special. The blog articles are written with you in mind, and Red Dot Diva hopes that the articles have been an entertaining fun read this year. If not, she hopes that the peektures, at least, were good enough for ogling purposes! ;)

In less than an hour, Red Dot Island will be welcoming the new year.

Amidst the cheers and fireworks, there are still blog articles to catch up and many more cool events in the coming months that Red Dot Diva will attend and write about.

So get ready for even more new thrilling geeky adventures in 2014!


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