Sunday, December 9, 2012

Go Visit Honnie's Hive! - Mashi's Mini Art Show On December 14th 2012

In the last couple of years that Red Dot Diva got to know Mashi aka Wendy Chew, she has seen the local chibi artist and illustrator's fandom increase from strength to strength. 

Her sexy-cute artwork now exhibits a growing sense of mischievous confidence and during the recent STGCC, she knew of many collectors who sought her out at the Invasion / 8-Bit Media booth for sketches. Mashi also had her own signing schedule at the Wall of Fame, which says a lot for the profile of a local artist.

Not contented with just drawings, Mashi had also showcased a sample of her very first vinyl toy produced by Vinyl-on-Vinyl at STGCC 2012. If you were at STGCC that weekend, you might probably have been one of those who fell in love with the cute voluptuous bee-lady called Honnie (see pic above).

Accompanying the Honnie property are now many other art creations from Mashi's deft hands and imagination, including this "awshucks-I've-gotta-sunburn" one (see pic below), which - unsurprisingly - was sold in no time!

So, if you haven't got enough of Honnie or want to bring one home for your eyes (or hands) only .... keep the date of December 14th free!

'Coz Mashi will be holding the special opening of her very own mini art show called Honnie's Hive at Flabslab from 7.30pm till late.

The show will then run till December 28th, 10:00 am - 7:00 pm (weekdays) and will closed on weekends.

Honnie the toy figurine will be launched exclusively at Flabslab. And in addition, there will be also be more Honnie artwork and even uniquely crafted Honnie doillies on show.

Definitely a great chance for you to grab more Honnie-honies for yourself!

Don't miss it!

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