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Screen Singapore 2012: Chow Yun-Fat and Sophie Marceau To Attend Movie Premieres!

ScreenSingapore is back this year but with a new organizer helming the affair.

The hard work of conceptualizing and bringing the difference pieces together now falls in the capable hands of Reed Exhibitions, the same outfit who, for the last 3 years, has brought local geekdom the Singapore Toy Games and Comics Convention (STGCC).

Wisely enough, this year's ScreenSingapore will be held in conjunction with the more established trade-based Asian Television Forum (ATF) from 4 to 7 December at Marina Bay Sands.

And from the looks of it, ScreenSingapore 2012 seems to be a moderately planned but better organized event compared to last year's. Changing the location to Marina Bay Sands already makes the event seem less logistically-challenged. (Last year's ScreenSingapore was held at Capella Singapore at Sentosa.) The schedule also appears to be sleeker and more compact.

Local stargazers interested in taking a peek at popular celebrities can still target some hot spots for red carpet premieres scheduled during the week.

Opening night at Shaw Lido on December 4 twinkles the brightest for Red Dot Diva. It is when the World premiere of Chinese movie "The Last Tycoon" (大上海) will be held. Set in 1930's Shanghai, the mobster film is directed by Wong Jing and produced by Andrew Lau, and features popular actors like Chow Yun-Fat ((周润发), Sammo Hung (洪金宝), Francis Ng (吴镇宇), Huang Xiao Ming (黄晓明) and Yolanda Yuen (袁泉).

Best of all, the suave and media-friendly veteran HK actor Chow Yun-Fat and his fellow co-stars Yolanda Yuen, Joyce Feng and Huang Xiaoming are set to walk "The Last Tycoon" red carpet premiere! However, Red Dot Diva is now not quite sure if Huang will be able to make it for the event. She has read about his recent injuries on the set of "The Bride With White Hair" and it has been said that he may require surgery and time for recuperation.

Take a peek at explosive "The Last Tycoon" trailer:

The host of Asian stars are not the only ones bringing in some stardust during ScreenSingapore/ ATF. French leading lady Sophie Marceau and many other French directors and celebrities, like Christopher Lambert (can you yell 'There Can Only Be One'. Highlander!!!!!), Charles Berling, Fleur-Lise Heuet, Jean-Christophe Dessaint and Pierre Jolivet will also be here for the Societe Generale Private Banking 2nd Rendezvous with French Cinema film festival held on the same week! Oooh la la!

There will be 12 films screened at The Cathay cinema and the Alliance Francaise de Singapour during the French film festival. They range from animation with "Day of the Crows"/ "Le jour des corneilles" directed by Jean-Christophe Dessaint, to next year's Academy Awards foreign film contender "Intouchables" and police procedural-family drama movie "Armed Hands"/ "Mains Armées".

Sophie Marceau will be gracing the red carpet for the opening film of the French film festival - a romantic comedy called "Happiness Never Comes Alone" - at the Cathay on December 5 evening.

While it's all good and glamourous for these international stars to be here for the premieres, what would ScreenSingapore truly mean if no effort is made to promote and showcase our local films to the international market?

Red Dot Diva is heartened to see that the organizers seem to be doing more to market local offerings at ScreenSingapore/ ATF this year. After all, the number of local made films have been steadily increasing in recent years. 13 new local movies set to be released in 2013, like horror film "Ghost Child" and Jack Neo's "Ah Boys To Men II", will be screened or promoted during the event. Other titles include "That Girl in Pinafore", "Wa is for Wayang", "3 Peas in a Pod" and "3:50". 

Read more here:

In fact, the closing film of the star-studded week will be "The Wedding Diary II", the sequel to the hit 2011 Singaporean-Malaysian comedy movie directed by Adrian Teh. On December 6, cast members A-niu, Elanne Kwong, Zhu Houren, Kara Hui, Marcus Chin and Cynthia Wang will be present at Golden Village VivoCity for the film's world premiere, giving movie-making efforts in this region much needed buzz.

With industry talks, movie screenings and glitzy premieres, it's all systems go for ScreenSingapore/ ATF to offer Singaporean artistic minds and creators various opportunities to connect and collaborate with the world's media markets come first week of December.

Exciting times indeed!


More information on the exhibition, schedules and panels can be found on the respective websites:

Screen Singapore -

Asia Television Forum -

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