Saturday, October 27, 2012

Singapore Zombie Walk: When Zombies Stumble About at Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay. The favourite drinking hole of many and a crowded weekend nightspot.

And just a few hours ago, it was infested by close to 130 undead beings participating for the first Singapore Zombie Walk.

When the horde of zombies began making their shuffle across Reed Bridge and around the many clubs there, most of the living seemed repulsed yet excited about being this close to the undead. Others simply looked utterly confused at their sudden appearance at the glitzy tourist trap.

Along the way, the number of cameras wielded by passersby and active Zombie Empathizers like Red Dot Diva was countless. One amused tourist sitting at a restaurant was overheard saying to his partner, "Look at all the people with cameras. They are part of the zombie procession too!"

The Zombie Walk lasted for a good 1.5 hour, and Red Dot Diva had to give kudos to the zombies for taking every ounce of their self-control to not partake in any human brains during the entire time!

Fashion-wise, the zombies came in all kinds of raggedy bloody wear - wedding couple, mental patients and nurse, schoolboy/ schoolgirl, military, party girls and even a ..... *gasp* oh so adorable (if zombies could be adorable) Disney princess zombie.

Zombie Princess (Pic by incoherentboy)
Red Dot Diva could not resist edging up a little closer to exchange a few simple grunts with little girl zombie. Whose name happens to be Atasha, by the way.

Red Dot Diva: How old are you?
Zombie Atasha: 6 years old

Red Dot Diva: What zombie fashion did you wear for tonight?
Zombie Atasha: Princess Aurora. Because she is my favourite.

Red Dot Diva: Did you do your own zombie looks?
Zombie Atasha: No, my mom took me to a make-up shop (HD Makeup Asia).

Red Dot Diva: Do you have a favourite horror show?
Zombie Atasha: The Vampire Diaries.

Red Dot Diva: And did you have fun tonight?
Zombie Atasha: Yes!!

How could you even slay a thing like this? (Okay.. don't answer that question.)

Skirting with danger

To be safe, Red Dot Diva did not stay too long communicating with degenerating Princess Aurora and scooted away to get to know a very scary-looking husband and wife zombie couple named Patrick and Rebecca Tehvand. The two have been in Red Dot Island for only 6 months!

With glazed eyes and bloodied lips, they gladly growled their muffled answers.......

Zombie Tehvands and friends

Red Dot Diva: How did you hear about the Zombie Walk?
Zombie Patrick: My wife saw it posted by one of her friends on Facebook. We've always wanted to take part in one! It's actually the first time we have ever left our boys with a sitter since being in Singapore.

Red Dot Diva: Do you exhume your brand of undead often? Or was this the first time?
Zombie Patrick: We went as the same military zombies to a friends fancy dress party about 18 months ago. We decided to exhume them again this time, but added a bit more decomposition to make it more authentic to our own narrative. Not sure we can take it much further though. Our make up skills aren't good enough.

Red Dot Diva: So the two of you actually did you own Zombie makeup.
Zombie Patrick: Yes. We did it all ourselves. White school glue, toilet paper, rolled oats and liberal amounts of theatrical makeup are our tools. Basically we just watched a couple of YouTube videos and then had a go. It was a lot of fun experimenting together.

Red Dot Diva: Are zombies your favourite ghoulies and do you have a favourite zombie show?
Zombie Patrick: We are only recent converts to the zombie genre. We both loved reading Max Brooks's novel "World War Z" and absolutely loved Zombieland. Since then "The Walking Dead" has been one of our favorites.

Red Dot Diva: Was the Zombie walk fun and would you do it again next year? 
Zombie Patrick: Count on it!

Talking about "The Walking Dead", it is amazing how the rabidly popular post-apocalyptic brand has taken over the consciousness of both the living and the undead.

Because here's the best mind-warping twist of all.

A Darryl Dixon fan turned zombie
At the Singapore Zombie Walk, Red Dot Diva met Kaysea - a cutie schoolgirl zombie killer/ Darryl Dixon fan now turned zombie! Talk about coming full circle.

Red Dot Diva: How did you hear about the Zombie Walk?
Zombie Kaysea: I learnt about it from Facebook.

Red Dot Diva: Where did you get that ear necklace from?
Zombie Kaysea: I found it on eBay!
(At this point, Red Dot Diva was very impressed that zombies actually do shop online.)

Red Dot Diva: It's pretty obvious you're a "Walking Dead" fan. Did you read the comic books?
Zombie Kaysea: I've read the comics. And I've also watched the TV show. I enjoy both of them in their own way.

Red Dot Diva: Did you have fun at the Zombie Walk and would you come back again next year? 
Zombie Kaysea: I thought the walk was very successful. I'll love to do it again next year.

They look very hungry

With a pack of hungry zombies still ambling around when the walk was over, Red Dot Diva decided to made a beeline home soon after. She was not at all keen to become zombie food!

But she did hear that a few of them shuffled to their very own nightspot (aptly named Devilz Paradize) to quench their thirst and to continue partying through the night in a very reanimated fashion.


Note: Translations were done with the help of the Zombie Moan Translater. Patent for the device is currently being submitted by Red Dot Diva.


After locking, double-locking *and* triple-locking her apartment door, Red Dot Diva would like to thank the organizers of Singapore Zombie Walk for the nightmarish hospitality, and the zombie interviewees for their twitchy participation.

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