Monday, September 24, 2012

Singapore Zombie Walk: The Zombie Apocalypse Is Coming!

You've seen it happening at other places.

Broken store windows. Empty towns; strings of cars left abandoned on a highway. A bloody trail.

Is that a ...... .... O_O

Then... the low moans. And the sounds of shuffling feet coming closer.... closer....

It is drawing near, people. The Zombie Apocalypse will hit the shores of Red Dot Island in 32 days and counting.

Are you one of the Zombies? A Zombie Killer? Or are you a Zombie Sympathizer?

To ensure that there's a balanced viewpoint on all sides, Red Dot Diva dug around and found a Zombie (SG variant) Representative, who was willing to spill its guts to the general public. All behind the safety of a communication device, of course. And the help of her trusty Zombie Moan Translater.

Red Dot Diva: How long has a Singapore (SG) Zombie hoard been hiding been out here? Why haven't we seen more of them?
SG Zombie Girl: We had to go underground. Wherever we gathered in Singapore, we were told that we were too dirty and noisy, and that we dripped blooooood and made a mess everywhere. We even heard rumours that the government wanted to house us in zombie dormitories. We can't be restraaaaaained like that. We'd just end up eating each other.  So we've been hiding in the MRT tunnels since 2006. 

Don't be deceived: when your traaaain is delayed and SMRT blames it on a train fault, that's actually us crossing the tracks. SMRT increased the frequency of the trains so much so that cracks started to form in our braaaaains. Also, the high frequency of traaaaains was such that zombies kept getting cut in half. That's what caused all the breakdowns last year. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get around when you have only half a body, and your intestines are draaaagging all over the place? And we can't even accuse SMRT of murder because we are undead!  But in the end, SMRT had to give in, which is why the trains stop so frequently in between stations now. It's to give us time to cross.

Red Dot Diva:  Does Clarke Quay have any special significance to the Zombies here?
SG Zombie Girl: We love congregating there. There's something about the sight of listless, incoherent bodies stumbling out of clubs that really reminds us of, well, us.

Come plaaayyyyyy with ussss

Red Dot Diva: What made the SG Zombies decide to organize the Zombie walk?
SG Zombie Girl: Zombies were left out of the National Conversation. And when we asked why, they said something about not wanting the participants to be eaten. Whatever happened to that "inclusive society"? Surely even lifeless, shambling people that eat human flesh are part of society too? So that's what this walk is all about: to eat some fresh braaaaains. I mean, to draw attention to the plight of zombies. Ignore my last statement. Braaaainss!

Red Dot Diva: What is your opinion on the mish-mash of the Zombie genre to other mediums, e.g. "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"?
SG Zombie Girl: I love it! 19th century braaaaains taste just as sweet as 21st century ones. Though they are a bit stiff and inflexible. *gnaws on human flesh*

Zombies can be doctors too (with incoherentboy)
Red Dot Diva:  Do you think Zombies and humans can safely co-exist with each other?
SG Zombie Girl: But of course. Humans need to understand that Zombies were just like them. We have our favourite food (braaaaains), our unique customs (we say hello with our bites: the larger our bites, the friendlier we are) and we have feelings too. (It hurts when you flee from us!)

Red Dot Diva:  What are the special things Zombies should note when they are participating at the Zombie Walk?
SG Zombie Girl: If you come, you must be like one of us. That means dressing, looking and behaving just like we do. But don't try and eat any braaaaains or touch the humans. It might give you indigestion.

Red Dot Diva: Actually, I'm quite tasty. But er.. never mind. Thanks for letting me pick your brains. 
SG Zombie Girl:  My pleaaaaasure. (*chomps*)


Do zombies need more undead rights? Should the living open their hearts and accept zombies into our community?

Or are you still convinced that you should be armed and prepared for a final showdown?

Red Dot Diva will be at Clarke Quay on October 27th to keep an eye on The Singapore Zombie Walk, which is set to start at 8:29 PM. Will you (or a part of you) be there?

For more information, please amble on to the Singapore Zombie Walk FB page.
(If you are a yet to be affiliated zombie but would like to join the walk, please register at this FB event page link.

And for more drop-dead conversation, tweet them at @SGZombieWalk!

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  1. I think superior firepower is necessary. Maybe time to sign up for NS!