Monday, July 9, 2012

"War of the Worlds: Goliath" Premiere Tickets and Signings!

And as promised, Red Dot Diva brings you the deets on how to snag those "War of the World: Goliath" (WoTW:G) premiere tickets and when to start stalking those autograph sessions!

To recap, the premiere details are:

Date: 14 July 2012,Saturday
Venue: Reading Cinemas Gaslamp 15, 701 5th Ave, Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego
Screening starts: 7 pm
Length: 85 min
Note: The screening will be the “R” version of the movie.

Adrian Paul, Peter Wingfield, Joe Pearson, David Abramowitz, Ann Robinson and other cast members are slated to be there at the premiere! And a short Q&A session will follow after the premiere.

There are limited seats so check out the following ways on how you can get one:

Daily Raffle at Heavy Metal Booth #1529
Submit your entry at the Heavy Metal booth anytime during SDCCs opening hours (except after 5pm on Saturday, and all day Sunday).

Raffle drawing at 5pm on Thursday (12th July), Friday (13th) and Saturday (14th – the screening day itself) at the Heavy Metal booth.

Each winning entry gets two passes.

If you are not at the booth when your entry is selected, they will have to put your entry back into the mix and select another – so please be there!

Saturday Raffle at the Reading Cinemas Gaslamp 15
On the day of the screening (Saturday, 14th July), you can submit your entry at Reading Cinemas Gaslamp 15 from 2.00-4.30pm.

Look for the “War of the Worlds: Goliath” giant display at the foyer.

A Tripod Entertainment representative will be there to receive your entry from 2.00-4.30pm. Raffle drawing at 4.30pm. Movie starts at 7pm.

Each winning entry gets two passes.

Important: Again, if you are not at the foyer display when your entry is selected, they will have to select another. So please be there!

Possible Excess tickets at the Screening's Venue  

With some luck, if the movie gods are smiling upon you, there *MAY* be excess passes just before the actual screening at the Pacific Theatres cinema itself. Just turn up - who knows? You might snag yourself a ticket! The movie starts at 7pm so be there quite a while before then.

No excuse to start planning on how to get your tickets now!

Then, there are the appearances and signings at Heavy Metal Booth #1529. Don't miss these awesome opportunities listed below.

As most "Highlander" fans would know, it is a rare chance to see "McLeod" and "Methos" together in real life. So, do head to the booth on Saturday 14th July in the afternoon. Both Adrian Paul and Peter Wingfield will be there doing signings from 2.30 to 4pm!

This is going to be another sought-after opportunity and Red Dot Diva expects the booth to be crazy-crowded, so be there early if you want to meet the duo!

Don't say she didn't warn ya! :D

Good luck with these and please do feel free to tweet the Red Dot Diva at @syzzlyn about your "WoTW:G" experiences!

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