Friday, November 4, 2011

SDCC 2012 Pre-Registration - ID's and More ID's!

Red Dot Diva sighs. As if one hasn't got enough login ID's and passwords to keep track and remember!! SDCC has jumped into the "Member ID" scheme of things too!

For those who had lined up arduously overnight at this year's SDCC in order to pre-register for next year's event, please note this important message!!

Today is the day the pre-registration email was being sent out. They are being sent in batches, so do check your in-box for this very important email.

The instructions are straightforward enough but the requirement to get a pre-registration ID in order to obtain a Member ID is a two-step thing that seems so unnecessary and frankly, quite an annoyance. Also, do remember to get this done within 4 weeks, by 2 December 2011!

Click here for the link to initiate the process!

And one has to obtain a Member ID. Do not miss this step! This is so that EPIC (the ticket registration portal company) can send the ticket barcode to one's account after 2 December 2011.

If one has read the above and has not been confused by all this by now -- BRAVO!

It took Red Dot Diva about 5 minutes to go through the entire process. Thank goodness, she did not face server dead silence or irritating site errors! But W0000t! SDCC 2012 here she comes!

She envisages that there may be more of these "registration" things to come for SDCC 2012. And she really wonders how well/ bad the hotel booking portal is going to fare this time round.

Impatiently, she waits and sees..... !

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