Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Devil - It's Free!

"Be careful!" Red Dot Diva warns.

The Devil's on Earth and in our dimension. Is he intending to do more Evil?

Surprisingly, probably not! In fact, the Devil aka Jack Springheel seems bent on trying to find some form of redemption. Red Dot Diva wonders... will he succeed?? Can the Big Bad actually *be* good?

This interesting storyline with the Devil as "the leading man" is the main premise in a FREE web-comic called "Devil Inside". The web-comic series is created by a very charming, almost-bromantic partnership consisting of actor Todd Stashwick and well-known and award-winning comic artist Dennis Calero.

Red Dot Diva met the duo at this year's San Diego Comic Con and can attest to their deadly charms. Those who are ardent "Heroes" fans would remember Todd as the rather malevolent "Replicating Man". Todd has also endeared himself to "Supernatural" fans when he made a guest-star appearance as a movie-loving shape shifter dressed as "Dracula". Many would also remember him as Dale Malloy in the cancelled FX series "The Riches".

As for Dennis Calero, he is no stranger to comic fans. His vibrant artwork has graced popular comic series like Marvel's "X-Factor" and "X-Men Noir" as well as DC's "Legion of Super-Heroes". He also drew for a few episodes online graphic novels for TV series "Heroes" .

And if one thinks that Jack Springheel looks familiar, Red Dot Diva points out that he was drawn based on Todd's appearance.

Other friends of the duo - like Azure Parsons, T.J. Thyne, Dana John Gould and even Minnie Driver - have also lent their faces to various characters in the web-comic.

The web-comic was launched during the San Diego Comic Con and since then, the story has unfolded in layers like different notes of a perfume, with eye-catching drawings in each panel - courtesy of Dennis' talented artwork. One will find that they can't wait for the next episode to be revealed!

So where can one find this FREE "Devil Inside" web-comic and catch up on the story so far?

Click here for the devilish Freebie! A new "Devil Inside" episode is released every Wednesday at PST midnight, so remember to return to the website for a new episode!

If one is curious to know more about "Devil Inside" and its creators, Red Dot Diva has interviewed Todd and Dennis about their web-comic and current/ future projects. The interview is available in her alternate blog:
Part 1 - Doubly Devilish Inside (with Todd Stashwick interview)
Part 2 - More Charming Devilish Inside (with Dennis Calero interview)

Red Dot Diva invokes a devious Red Dotted spell for which "Devil Inside" is worth.

It's graphic evil worth knowing!

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