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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May the 4th 2017: Meet Lightsaber Wielding Mint Kang from Fightsaber Singapore

Fighting like a girl can be awesome, especially if you are wielding a lightsaber!

Mint Kang can count that as one of her skills as she performs choreographed Star Wars-themed lightsaber fight scenes on stage and at events about twice a year as part of the Fightsaber team.

Fightsaber is a not for profit Star Wars lightsaber performance and costuming organisation founded by Grand Master Sas-Ejiid aka Azmi Danuri, a passionate and long time Star Wars fan who also loves sword fighting. Mint Kang joined the group since 2012.

Red Dot Diva is curious about what it's like to spar with both Jedi and Sith, so she asked Mint Kang many nosy questions!

Red Dot Diva: Is your name really Mint?
Ming Kang (MK): Yes, my name actually is Mint. :p  I started using an English name a long time ago because when I first started working, overseas clients couldn't pronounce my Chinese name. It stuck (occasionally I do regret it).

Mint looking Sithfully Fierce! (Photo by Xiang Hao - Facebook - 500px)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Take Part in Singapore's Own Lip Sync Showdown - 17 May 2016, Elements Cafe!

Things have been so intense lately.

That explosive Batman v Superman smackdown which segued into Team Cap vs Team Iron-Man (Red Dot Diva's note: trust me, always choose Team Rich Guys *grin*), then Bukit Batok Civil War.....

Aiyoh. So Stressed.

Why not relieve all that tension by taking part in Red Dot Island's very own Lip Sync Showdown?? Red Dot Diva thinks everyone needs more fun and laughter in their lives and it will help greatly in improving mental health.

Lip Sync Showdown is modelled after Spike TV's popular "Lip Sync Battle", which has seen the likes of a list of celebrities including Hayley Atwell, Emma Stone, Anthony Mackie, Nick Carter & AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys and Eva Longoria, pitching against other with their mostly spot-on and hilarious impersonations of famous singers. The local event is organized by Elements & Co., who is partnering with Genetix Productions.

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