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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Get A Dose of Nostalgia At The Little Red Brick LUG SG50 LEGO Show

A long list of free activities began this week in celebration of Red Dot Island's 50th birthday.

Many attractions and sites are either offering free access (like the various museums) or discounted ticket prices (the zoos/ Gardens by the Bay), which would most probably mean snake-long queues and equally long waiting times. So, here's an alternative SG50-related event that is both free and would not need lining up in order to have some family fun!

Red Dot Diva highly recommends a trip to the National Library Singapore (Victoria Street) atrium for the Little Red Brick LUG's LEGO Exhibition, called "Past Forward: Hearts and Crafts".

These lovely structures - over 40 of them - were build by a group of passionate brick builders from the local community. From the displays, it was evident to Red Dot Diva that a lot of heart and soul was lovingly put into the pieces - many of which evoke much Nostalgia Feels.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

"Red Dragonflies" Flits Between Past And Present

Before the special media screening of "Red Dragonflies" at Iluma's Filmgarde, producer Tan Bee Thiam was frank and warned those invited, "It is not a film that is very likeable... it is a film that requires a lot of patience. It is a film that will move you if you really want to 'see' it."

True enough, Red Dot Diva felt it wasn't an easy film to sit through.

However, that didn't mean it wasn't good.

The 90-minute movie, directed by local Red Dot Islander Liao Jiekai, is definitely not targetted for the mainstream film-goer who is used to big-name celebrities, loud explosives or copious amounts of teary-eyed emo-ness. There are also no sparkly vampires nor hunky superheroes in this movie.

What one gets with "Red Dragonflies" is a quiet, reflective and very personal art film that encapsulates the innocence of youth and the relentless passing of time.

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